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COM: Driad-uary Scribbles Page 2 by carnival

COM: Driad-uary Scribbles Page 2


Alternate Version can be found here

Carni: Another Page from Yesterdays stream! ^_^
For Sharn, Icecream Noodle & Poojawa respectively!

Ry: Ooooo nice, Sharn is looking super lovely there. Content in the sunlight of a fresh day as their druid lifestyle so lets them enjoy.

And Poojawa's friend there seems to be taking their own approach to public safety, no belly jail this time. Just a good hefty thwomping on to keep others in check X3

Carni: Had been planning on drawing up a scribble 'the perfect game of snake'-inspired for a few scribbles thus far, but kept on getting distracted by other themes! XS

Ry: And we finally get your idea and it is great, they are so close to being the maximum length that they can be, just that one extra hungry bite and they will escape their two dimentional game of hunger, into a whole new world of things to nom ('3



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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Sharn River © Sharn River
Icecream Noodle © Viscerabot
Alanna © Poojawa
Sitting Taur © Unlisted Poojawa's friend

Artwork by Erika V, Jan 2021