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COM: 'That's my JAM'uary Scribbles Page 5 by carnival

COM: 'That's my JAM'uary Scribbles Page 5


25 January 2021 at 10:04:35 MST

Carni: Another final page of Scribbs from the event last weekend; for Aurelia, NekomataRai, Asinda, and another Tangria Hybrid for Meltoria and myself!

Thanks again folks! ❤️

Ry: Ohhh my gosh yessssssss, Pushes the other characters out of the way Moaaaar Tangria content!!!!!!!!!!! They are so big and goopy and fluffy and you know they taste and smell amazing considering the combined elements there. I want to get the rest of her drawn but thankfully that is an option eeeeeeee ('3333333333

Also ooo the Tango elements give her a thinner body than I expected but that totally makes sense, more long and stretchy ^.^

Also heck yeah for Ash in the top left getting something special for their Birthday, seems they are playing around with some tasty Flan-uary X3

Got Dragonfruit of Nekomata's in the bottom left sitting down with a hekkin long tongue ('33

aand Aurelia playing BEAT SABER because HECK YES!!!!!

Carni:: In Other news; 'Doing Tax' is boring as HULL! \8'3


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Characters ©

Aurelia Chase © Aurelia Chase
Dragonfruit © NekomataRai
Ash © Asinda
Tangria/Shiraia © Meltoria

Tango/Tangria & Artwork by Erika V, Jan 2021