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COM: GenderBecember Scribbles Page 9 (Week 2) by carnival

COM: GenderBecember Scribbles Page 9 (Week 2)


Carni: An exploration of a new character concept for Malorek !
Design based of the Deerfoxes from Hilda, Mal gave me the great honour of drawing up some design-work for a new Alt character of theirs! :>

Ry: Ohhhmy that is really nice design, very demure is shape although they seem like they would open up pretty strongly after getting to know someone better <3

The glowy nose is a cute idea as well, very fitting for Christmas too ^.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Anthro Deerfox, Malorek © Malorek

Artwork by Erika V, Dec 2020