Banana Custard Simple Ref 2015 by carnival

Banana Custard Simple Ref 2015


16 December 2015 at 11:44:56 MST

Update from her initial draft-ref; [link]
..As the signed signature suggests, actually started to make new simple refs for my two other pone'characters last year, only just getting around to finishing them now~

Was reminded from Season 5 MLP episode of Fumble from a new show-cannon character 'Trouble Shoes'.

heavy sigh
That episodes premise was preeeetty darn similar to a one-shot fan-comic I had loosely planned (since Fumbles' creation back in 2013) but never put to paper yet. ^^-; now the darn thing is cannon!

ah well~ |S
Will hopefully still pull through on making that one day.. serves me right being so slow! XS

-Now with a slightly 'rounded out face as everyone keeps confusing her for a d00d ^^; (not that there's anything wrong with that at all, in fact it suit her usual dilemma of 'everything going wrong' :S)

Inked with 1.0 + 0.5 fetlips.
Digital flatting/placement/swatch in Photoshop

MLP © Hasbro
FiM G4 Style created by fyre-flye

Banana 'Fumble' Custard + ARTwork by Erika V, May 2015

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    I really like both the name and the design. Great job on this ref!

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      Thanks! She was indeed inspired by the phrase 'Fumble Custard' (which, recently learnt among some friends @ the time means to 'cock up') :S