Gift- Furry group shot by carlie-nuclearzombie (critique requested)

Gift- Furry group shot (critique requested)


5 January 2015 at 21:50:33 MST

Just an old drawing I started ages ago I forgot to finish.
Had to fix up some features on Bioflux since I upgraded her since this pic was started.

Sabyrwolf on Furaffinitys fursona Sabyr the Eurasian wolf
Blackcatxiii on Furaffinitys fursona C.j the Red fox
My furona Bioflux the demonic Jackal
Mitch from Facebooks fursona DemynFang the demonic Dire wolf
Tazzmcspazz from DeviantARTs fursona Tazz the Demonic Bat/Cat

Characters belong to rightful owners
Art and Bioflux © to me, Carlie (NucearZombie)