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Commission- K.O by carlie-nuclearzombie (critique requested)

Commission- K.O (critique requested)


18 March 2014 at 03:01:22 MDT

Chibi commission for beartamerallen ON Facebook of their character K.O
he was super fun to draw, sorry for the wait and I hope you like it :heart:

character (c) beartamerallen
art (c) Carlie-NuclearZombie

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    Beautiful improvement

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    This issooo cute >u<

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    I see you're requesting critique for this, so I'll comment on things I think will help you out!

    • Observe and practice anatomy. I understand this is done in a chibi style, though anatomy and poses that make sense make a picture more appealing no matter what the style is. Something I like to do is actually try our the pose I'm drawing for myself, or at least imagine how my body would move if I was doing the pose.

    This guy's pelvis is completely out of line with his torso/ribcage, his right leg doesn't look too bad but his left leg looks broken or dislocated - and -

    I fixed his 'skeleton' then drew a really rough sketch over it with some muscles and I also made the head a bit bigger. His head wasn't big enough for the style, I think, so it just made him look like a child instead. I also gestured towards shifting the angle of his face a bit so it would be much more natural relative to the angle of his torso & neck!

    • Practice a definite light source! - there seems to be none of very little of one in the pic. This stuff comes with lots of practice to know where shadows and highlights go but if you're conscious of it you're bound to make improvements. Start with shadows, making them wherever you think the light from the light source wouldn't touch, then go from there!

    I hope this helps you out. >w<

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      thank you for the Critique, yes one of my main weaknesses in drawing is anatomy sadly, I have always struggled with it and always try to get better, I am very happy you did the time to fix the skeleton in this picture this actually may help me quite a bit so thanks for that C:

      as for light source that's also still a W.I.P to improve I have defiantly gotten better from a year ago, but thanks for the tips