Reviri and Valska by carlie-nuclearzombie (critique requested)

Reviri and Valska (critique requested)


15 July 2013 at 03:29:17 MDT

Omg I havnt drawn Valska for ever, pretty sure I only drew him once, and its been awhile since I last drew Reviri Im sorry I left you for dead!!

*Reviri frowns* DRAW ME more!!

Anyway here are my babies again! Hope you all like it, next I will be doing the chibi pic of Reid and Rahki.

Name: Reviri Vankux

Age: 2300 (23 in human years)

Gender: Male

Species: Uxoturam

Occupation: None but wants to work at Club Neon-Insomnia

Likes: To be alone, Soda, jewlry and harassing Valska.

Dislikes: Crowded areas, and fire

Personality: He is kind of a ass to others, he has alot of sarcasm but that type of sarcasm that pisses people off, he knows all to well it annoyed others to. His best friend is Valska and even though they are all ways at one another's throats like war dogs they still will always respect each other. Reviri loves to be alone, its mostly because of the quiet.

Family: None

Crush/Spouse: None

Name: Valska Matari

Age: 2700 (27 in human years)

Gender: Male

Species: Uxoturam

Occupation: None

Likes: Leading rather than following, quiet places and meditation, fighting, food and proving to others he is stronger.

Dislikes: Loud places, evil demons and cold climate.

Personality: He is quite serious and rather be alone than around others, what others dont know is he has a very sexual side and longs for lust or love, he loves meditation. His friend Reviri is a good guy and all but he cant stand how annoying he can be. When it comes to fighting he is a tough opponent so you better know what your doing.

Family: Sister is Verna Matari

Crush/Spouse: Crush on Andi Andexo

Art characters (c) Carlie-NuclearZombie

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