>>C<< Nicole the Nerdcario Refsheet by Carephrii

>>C<< Nicole the Nerdcario Refsheet


23 May 2015 at 13:07:25 MDT

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present my first official online I got paid for it art commission!! As well as my first ref sheet!

This is Nicole the Nerdcario, belonging to 7x9000, an anthropomorphic female Lucario with subtle bits of Zoroark and Delphox thrown in. Here we see her naked, in her normal outfit of sweater and skirt with techy accessories, and in loungewear. She always wears a collar with Lucarionite on it. She's a chubby gal with wide hips and a considerable rear end, as well as sizable paws.

She's never had a real ref sheet before, and I was glad to oblige. It was a challenge, but also a learning experience! It was quite intense, since I poured a lot of attention to detail into it, and the only major regret I have is that her boobs don't quite look right to me in the front view.

(BTW, the fonts included in this ref sheet, Wirecube and Diagonone, are both made by me using FontStruct. I'm still working on Wirecube, but Diagonone is done--head to FontStruct, look for FerreTrip, and you should see it!)

If you would like for me to make you a ref sheet, or draw you some other thing, contact me, and I'll be glad to work things out! ^_^

Note this one is 25% smaller than the real full-sized image. Contact Nicole if you would like to see the full size version that doesn't have any nasty artifacting and stuff.

Art © 2015 me, FerreTrip/Carephrii (RCW3 are my IRL initials and will be my art signature until further notice).
Character © her player, 7x9000.

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