There's Always Room by Carephrii

There's Always Room

Kabal's stomach growled again, causing the zoroark to groan from pain. He was skeletal, unable to find food for...who knew how long. He had always been skinny, having the worst luck finding food. He looked at fuller, healthier pokémon and sneered. He wandered the forest in an aimless line, hoping to find something.

He came to a clearing holding a solitary tree and decided to rest there, sitting with a crunch amidst the autumn leaves. He frowned and patted his crying stomach. 'There, there...I'll get you some food soon,' he thought to it--speaking to it would waste precious energy. He sighed and looked to the side...and stopped when he heard a scratch, feeling it on his heavy head of shiny-colored purple and brown hair. (The rest of him was colored the same as other zoroark; just his hair matched the colors of shiny zoroark.)

Looking down on the opposite side, his eyes bugged. Sitting there, all alone, was an unopened Jell-O cup! Some of the label had been torn off, but it otherwise looked pristine. He grabbed it and read it before eating, seeing if it had expired (he knew how to read and kept track of the day just in these cases where he might find human food). The expiration date was a week from then--still good!

It wasn't Jell-O brand, he noticed--"Gelatinfinity" was the label. 'Must refer to its range of flavors or something,' Kabal guessed. The flavor was his favorite--Liechi! As he peeled the lid, a warning on the side in small, bright red text caught his eye: "Warning: Keep out of reach of pokémon. While 100% harmless (except to teeth), it" (The rest was on the torn-off portion.) 'Well, it says it's harmless,' he shrugged, smiling.

He also glanced at the ingredients to see if there was anything he was allergic to (like walnuts or their residue). Half of it was ripped off, but he gathered that, if it wasn't in the upper half, it shouldn't be too bad. Besides, according to the nutritional information, this was actually pretty healthy stuff! 'Awful high in fat for Jell-O,' he noted, chuckling, 'but is that really a problem for me?'

He sniffed the exposed gelatin inside the plastic cup. The sweet scent stimulated the underfed fox to lick his lips. With a happy growl, Kabal put his lips over the whole hole, tilted his head back, and squeezed the container. The gelatin splurted into his mouth, filling it with saccharine joy, accompanied by a bit of a kick from the berry's hotness, both flavors enhanced by the dearth of food's cleansing of his palate. He hummed in delight, closing his eyes as he tilted his head back against the trunk of the tree, savoring the taste of the treat. 'Thank God for whoever left this here,' he mused, swishing his tongue around the semisolid confection.

At last, after a good half minute, he couldn't take it any longer and swallowed. It slid easily down into his groaning stomach, feeling a little relief as it was filled with something besides water. He sighed happily and unclenched his paw around the cup. When Kabal opened his eyes and looked down, intending to lick the remains in the cup, he froze.

It was full.

He blinked. 'I...What?' the zoroark thought. He tilted the cup to see at an angle, thinking it was just the direct bottom--but no, it was the top! Pinkish-orange slime was filled perfectly to the top, as if he had never opened it. 'Am I so hungry that I imagined this whole thing?' He stuck a claw into his mouth and scooped around, then pulled it out. He widened his eyes when he saw residual gelatin on the red claw. "~Huh...?~" he muttered in his language.

Kabal sucked the claw clean while looking back at the container. As he did, he felt the urge to have more, like a child desiring another cookie from the jar. He focused hard, using his experience with illusions to try and see through any, but after a few moments, he determined that this was real. He again put his lips around the opening and knocked it back. Once more, the sweet and spicy flavors swirling around his tongue. He gulped it down after another moment, then looked back at the crushed cup. Empty.

'Huh....' He opened his paw again, then gaped. Before his eyes, the cup refilled itself from the bottom up. He blinked and looked on the bottom. Nothing but plastic. 'Is this...magic?' he wondered. Kabal looked around. "~Is this a trick? Who's doing this? Am I dreaming, delirious with hunger?~" he asked loudly.

Only the wind and leaves replied.

Kabal, shivering at the wind, looked back, that lust returning. 'Well....' He smiled. 'If I'm to die or something, it may as well be from something delectable instead of starving!' He lay against the trunk, took a deep breath, and began "drinking" the gelatin. He squeezed the goo into his mouth, gulped it down, unclenched his paw to refill the cup, and repeated. The more he ate, the more he wanted, it felt--it was just so delicious!

He did this until his lungs demanded air. He took a break, setting the opened cup on himself, panting happily. 'This is ambrosia, surely!' he marveled as he licked his red-cornered lips. 'And a miracle! I can have all I want...and if the nutritional information is correct, not only is it tasty, but it's health food!' He grinned and held the cup up again. 'I might be able to restore my health eating this "Gelatinfinity" stuff alone!' Unable to resist any longer, he began to gulp it down greedily once more.

This lasted for a good ten minutes. He swore he had eaten so quickly, and so much, he should have felt full, but he never did. He took breaks to breathe now and then, always looking up at the leaves above him, but not too long before he went back to eating this obviously magical substance.

When he stopped to take a break, he laughed. 'I must have eaten a hundred of these cups by now,' he thought, 'and still I feel fine....In fact, I feel great!' He paused, taking stock of his muscles, then added to himself, 'Well, okay, I'm getting a little tired....Better stop for a bit, at least rest my body.'

So he closed his eyes and let his head look down. His arms, which had flopped to his sides, stayed there for a moment, until he decided to hold them together, cupping both paws around the cup, resting on his body. As he did, he felt something strange on his arms and middle. He opened his eyes just to freeze.

His arms were laying on a little warm blob of dark gray fur that came from his middle.

"~Wh-WHAT the--!?~" Kabal squeaked, holding the sides of the belly (careful not to let anything in or out of the cup. Yep, his, he felt. He blinked a few more times, then held up the cup...another powerful urge to consume more rising. He shook his head gently. "~Th...This is crazy...~" he muttered.

Kabal glanced at the cup again before hastily looking around down to his sides. He leaned around the tree...and, to his relief, he saw a slightly dirty wrapper shred on the ground, caught under a root. He grabbed it and placed it against the cup where it should fit. He re-read the warning label. "Warning: Keep out of reach of pokémon," he read aloud in very slow Human. "While 100% harmless (except for teeth), it can be highly addictive to them. This may cause undesired growth." He rolled his eyes at the euphemism. "Should this occur, do not panic (the only danger is to mobility) and simp....~Shoot, cut off again,~" he ended in his language. He glanced around himself. No small shard of wrapper remained.

Kabal blinked, then looked at his body once more. If he looked closely, he could see his belly swelling ever so slowly. "~I...I have to stop...~" he realized. "~I've eaten enough. I need to stop. I'll save some for later...~" He looked once more at the cup and felt that urge, even stronger, swell up inside. He gritted his teeth, frowning in inner pain for a moment as he thought. ' more before the road...couldn't hurt...' he reasoned, switching paws and starting to eat again.

He squeezed once...then again, thinking, 'Just a little more...' And again, again, faster, until he couldn't stop. The addiction was too strong, he wanted more, more! He widened his eyes as he realized what he was doing. He kept gulping and eating and swallowing and drinking...'NO! I have to stop!' he thought. 'Stop, stop, STOP!!' He clasped his other paw around the cup and tried to will it to pull away.

It took a solid three minutes of combat between super-ego and id, all the while gulping faster and faster, even filling his mouth while taking a breath, before, with a mighty tug, Kabal wrenched the cup away and kept it firmly squeezed. The motion carried his arms to his belly, which had grown. He felt a comfortable cushion beneath him from his swollen rump. His chest fur had grown a bit fluffier, now shaping a pair of moobs beneath him, and his belly was as wide as his arm. His limbs had become fuller than they had when he'd first evolved, upper arms as thick as his forearms, which were about an inch thicker than before. His strong legs were rounded out with flab. Even his footpaws were getting a little chubby! Keeping a firm grip around his cup, he reached up and felt his face. Jowls were forming, as was a double chin.

Yet he still felt absolutely no pain from his stomach.

In fact, he felt...nice. He blushed as he gazed with his aqua eyes upon his form. 'This....' Kabal gently petted his stomach, where it appeared the fur, which should have become sparser with the distention, had thickened to maintain his pelt. It was full of fat, something he hadn't felt since he was very small and still living within his mother's hair, eating all he could want. And it felt...strangely good to him. He rubbed it lightly and blushed more beneath his facial fur when he felt that feeling increase. The sensation and sight of his stomach squishing between his claws was indescribable.

Kabal shook his head again. "~No, I have to stop,~" he told himself as he breathed heavily from the fight against his addiction. "~I'm...I'm going to get too fat to move...~" But it felt...oddly heavy and light at the same time. The zoroark got up...and found it even easier than before. He raised his eyebrows. "~Is it...building up my muscles again, too?~" he wondered. 'There was an awful lot of protein in there...and it is magic...'

His belly reached partway to his knees. He could feel the weight, yet not in a bad way. He bent over, finding that, however, he did have a harder time doing so due to the thick paunch he had which was beginning to form a spare tire as he digested quickly. Below him were a few leaves from the trees settled on the ground. The wind blew, and he noticed it felt less threatening than it had earlier.

Kabal paced around the tree, thinking, body wobbling with each step. 'Let's see,' he began. 'I'm in the middle of nowhere, I've got this cup of Jell-O that's like crack and is refilling itself magically, and I'm gaining like a munchlax...' He paused. '...and I've been thin, cold, and starving for the last who knows how long...'

He then wondered why he was in this situation to begin with. He trawled his memories....

A few weeks ago, Kabal had been living alone in the woods, concealing his nest like other zoroark. He was scawny back then, but not as much as he was before today. He had enough food to last him, though, and he was safe.

Until one day, a group of bullies stumbled upon his illusion-masked nest.

Kabal was eating what berries he could when he heard voices outside his cave. He peeked out, peering through the fake rock wall he had set up in front of his cave (a wall he saw as translucent), and saw two gurdurr with their ugly heads, a scrafty with its unbecoming face, and a tremendously overweight, extra-large scolipede, walking through the woods. Kabal gulped. He had always had a fear of Fighting-types, more than the aversion almost every Dark-type had to them, and Bug-types were never good. 'Please don't find me, please don't find me...'

The scrafty sniffed, then smirked. "~Hey, I smell something sweet,~" he told the others. He pointed at Kabal's cave. "~I think it's from over there.~" Kabal felt his heart slow.

"~Oh?~" the giant scolipede asked, turning and looking. "~All I see is the side of a cliff.~"

"~Well, boss, you know, there have been reports of zoroark activity around here, boss,~" mentioned one of the gurdurr.

"~And those are...?~" the scolipede asked, raising an eyeridge.

"~Dark-type pokémon that can produce powerful illusions, boss,~" the other gurdurr answered.

"~Illusions, eh?~" The scolipede laughed, shaking his grand gut. He stepped to the wall, black belly swaying a foot above the ground. Kabal quietly stepped back, heart pounding. The scolipede placed his huge horns against the wall. As usual, the illusion was so strong, his body told him there was something there. But his eyes narrowed. "~Right here, you said, Kr?~" he asked while staring at the wall.

Kr, the scrafty, nodded as he and the gurdurrs joined him. "~Yeah, smells like berries,~" he confirmed.

The hariyama smirked--though from his head tilt, nobody could see. He stepped back and narrowed his gaze at the wall. "~Alright. Bend, Flex!~" he addressed, looking at the gurdurrs.

They saluted with their girders as each was called, Bend being a lefty while Flex a righty according to the shoulder they carried the beams on. "~The gurdurr brothers are at your service, boss Furl!~" they replied together.

Furl smirked and looked at the wall. "~Foresight,~" he ordered.

Kabal felt blood leave his face as the twisted clown-like creatures' eyes glowed red while they stood side-by-side, glaring at the wall. In a moment, the cave was filled with red light, and the gurdurr brothers ended Foresight, turning back to their boss. 'Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit...' Kabal bit his lip.

"~It's an illusion, boss!~" Bend reported.

"~There's a scared-looking zoroark with shiny hair inside, boss, as well as some big, delicious-looking berries, boss!~" Flex added.

Furl grinned. "~Perfect...~" He turned to Kr. "~Jump Kick this illusion down!~" the bug ordered.

"~With pleasure!~" Kr snickered before charging and jumping, sending out a kick, letting out a yelling kiai. SHOOF! Kr came flying through, the illusion fading. Kabal moved aside before getting hit, and Kr yelped before crashing to the far wall. "~...Ow.~"

Kabal pressed against the wall, wide-eyed and gritting his teeth. 'No, no, nonono--!' "~Well, well,~" the ten-foot-tall scolipede chuckled, making Kabal turn his head. The Bug-type leered at him. "~So this is a zoroark....Nice trick,~" he jeered. "~But your tricks won't save you if you want to do this the hard way.~"

Kabal grimaced and looked around him. Kr was up and grinning behind him. Before him stood Furl and the gurdurr brothers. Trapped. He summoned up what courage he had and stood his ground. "~What the hell gives you guys the right to steal my food?~" he asked. "~I gathered this myself! You want some, get some--there're a bunch of berry trees around here!~"

Furl scoffed. "~In fall?~" he asked. "~Good luck with that. They're either all picked or rotten!~"

"~What you've got here are great fruits, big and still fresh,~" Kr pointed out, picking up a large Sitrus. "~Hey, boss, catch!~" He tossed the fruit over Kabal's head.

Kabal tried to jump at it, but he missed. Furl leaned over and speared it on his horn. Without a word, Flex reached up, retrieved the fruit, and held it to Furl, who ate it. The centipede shivered. "~Mmmm, tasty!~" he chuckled, eating the rest of it. "~I think I'll have more!~" He stepped forwards.

Kabal hesitated, then gulped before letting off his best Snarl. Furl stopped and winced. Kabal readied his claws--then screeched as he was nailed by a Focus Punch from behind by Kr, falling to the ground.

"~That was loud,~" Furl growled as he stepped above him. Kabal grunted and turned his head to look up at the behemoth glaring at him. "~But you'll never beat me or any of my boys with tricks and weak moves like that!~"

Kabal grunted and looked between his legs at Kr, then back at the gurdurrs. He still had some strength in him, but he had to be quick and precise. He had done a little training, and he had always had a high Special Attack, and he was glad his father was a shiftry.

"~What now, then, hm?~" taunted Furl above him, snickering.

"~This,~" Kabal answered quietly. Suddenly, gagged and flew back, deep scratches appearing on his front. Kabal appeared in an arrow position out of his Aerial Ace as the illusion of his still-grounded body faded. Before anyone else could act, he turned around and held both palms out, focusing hard on Extrasensory. The gurdurr brothers yelped as they were blasted by rainbow-colored beams, surrounded with the energy, then, as Kabal grasped the beams like ropes, slammed together headfirst. Kabal then, using his Illusion ability again to conceal his movements, dashed past Furl, who was...backing out of the cave?

When Kabal looked over his shoulder mid-run through the forest, his heart froze when he saw Furl literally barreling away, the wheel of red-violet and black almost upon the zoroark. Of course, he tried to pour on the speed, but he'd forgotten his trajectory. WHAM! He crashed into the tree right before him.

Giving Furl all the time in the world to strike him with Steamroller.

Hearing a loud crack, Kabal experienced the most pain he'd ever felt in his whole life. The next thing he knew, he was lying down, something hard beneath him and something soft and heavy on top of him. "~That's what you get, you lightweight!~" he heard. "~You want your precious cave? Come back when you're not such a weakling! Good luck finding food, since you ain't gonna be around here anymore...or else we're gonna finish the job. Boys?~"

The last thing Kabal remembered before blacking out was being dragged roughly across the ground for a few moments before flying though the air.

When he came to, he was on the other side of a river, perhaps the one nearby his home...but definitely not the same shore. Thankfully, the thing that had cracked was the tree, apparently, not his back. His hair must have cushioned the blow enough that he got away with major bone bruises and a couple broken ribs.

Kabal looked down at himself again. He wasn't nursing a hurt chest or back--heck, his back felt fine, despite the huge load it carried now. And as he looked up at the branches above him, he could have sworn they seemed closer. He dismissed it as his feet getting fatter and pushing him up or something. A spot of hope flickered in his heart for a moment before he sighed and shook his head--arm coming with. He blinked when he realized he had begun sucking on the gelatin again while he was reminiscing.

He paused, somehow able to pull out the cup easily this time. (He wondered if he was sort of "distracted" this time and it affected things.) He looked down at himself once more. His belly reached almost to his knees. He was almost waddling. He was warm now, no longer shivering from the cold winds. The zoroark chuckled. "~Well, at least I'll be able to survive the winter,~" he mused.

Before he could let himself succumb to the addiction again, he decided to put it away. Reaching up and grabbing a still-soft leaf from the tree, he placed it over the top of the gelatin and put it in his hair. He began to walk away, wobbling with each step. He couldn't help but be reminded of the overweight scolipede as he watched his swaying belly.

"~That's what you get, you lightweight!~"

Kabal crossed his arms over his chest, which definitely had a pair of moobs now, as he growled. 'I hate being called a lightweight,' he grumbled. Suddenly, he stopped, blinking, at the edge of the clearing. Once more, he gazed at his girth. He wasn't a lightweight anymore; he was fat. He looked himself over, then trotted around the perimeter of the forest. After a lap, he was only as winded as he would have been a few weeks ago, and he had gone at around the same speed; he was just as light on his feet.

But what satisfied him the most was when he tried to do a round-off. He did it perfectly, but when he landed, it was with such a slam that the surrounding trees shook in the windless air. He widened his eyes, heartrate accelerating, before, giggling like a kit, he quickly jumped up the nearest sturdy tree. At the top, he leapt off, soaring through the air into the forest, before he landed with a heavy boom. A small crater appeared in the dirt around him.

Kabal stood up, body used to landing from high heights, surprisingly holding up to his weight. He grinned and blushed at his body. "~You know what?~" he asked quietly. He walked to the tree again and sat down. "~I've always hated being skinny.~" He took out the cup, peeled the leaf off of the cover, and began chugging it. This time, he watched himself and never took it out to breathe, blocking the flow like anyone would to take a breath when their mouth was full.

The zoroark sucked greedily at the delicious substance, and as he ate, he watched with wonder as he slowly but surely grew fatter. His belly swelled out, covering his knees, and his hips got wider from lard. His rump slowly spread out behind him, and his back felt softer against the tree. His footpaws almost appeared to be getting larger entirely as fat swelled them ever-bigger. He felt his jowls becoming bigger and rounder, and his double chin grew, like a frog very slowly inflating itself.

'I don't care anymore,' he thought to himself as he stroked his growing gut. 'I'll just keep eating, like I've always wanted to...' He remembered the constant sound of his growling stomach accompanying him through his entire life after his mother said it was time for him to live on his own. He remembered never feeling full in his life. Granted, he didn't feel full now, but he didn't feel empty.

Kabal didn't care much if he couldn't go back home anymore. He never had much food there in the first place. 'They can have it,' he thought. 'I'm fine right here.' But something gnawed at him. Something in his chest. That feeling of frustration, aggravation, indignation...injustice. He shook his head as he felt warmer and warmer, happier and happier with his growth. The process of sucking and breathing had become mechanical now. 'No, I'm...I'm fine...' he told himself as his eyelids drooped. 'I...I just wanna eat...forever...'

Kabal woke with a grunt when he felt something pressing on his head, something hard and something else scratchy. He blinked his eyes blearily, still sucking. But something seemed off...He took the cup away slowly and panted, rubbing his eyes. When he looked again, he realized what it was--something was blocking his vision. "~What the....~" He reached up with his other paw to clear it away, but something hit it. He turned to look, then saw something else blocking it.

He looked up--or tried. Something was keeping him from looking up. He let his footpaws slide out as he tried to sink, which took a little doing, but he was able to look up...and see the leaves of the tree around and above him.

He blinked, then looked down. All he saw in front of him was a mass of dark gray and black belly and moobs. He blushed at how huge he was, then grumbled. 'Great, I got so fat I'm in the tree,' he realized. 'Didn't know fat was that dense...' With an effort, Kabal was able to scootch himself forwards with his footpaws and push down from the tree with his upper paws.

Until the branches snapped in his paws.

Squeezing his eyes shut to block the falling debris and shaking his head, Kabal tossed the limbs away. He cleared his eyes before opening them again, raising eyebrows. 'Since when was I that strong?!' he pondered, gazing up at the tree.

Kabal continued to go down, pressing against the trunk now, though this creaked ominously. He made it low enough that he was clear to roll away. He did so, marveling at how high he got when on his front, before stopping on his back. He grunted and pushed himself up, fighting the massive gut in front of him...and got up surprisingly quickly. He stood up, feeling odd as another thought struck him. 'Shouldn't my feet be kinda out of commission if I was pushed from my fat?' he wondered.

He looked down at himself and let out a cry of surprise. He was now eleven feet tall, and his entire body had grown! His feet were still on the ground, and they were gigantic. Rippling muscles were felt beneath his arms and legs, both thick as tree trunks, and his front was grand--wide, deep, and low, covering half his shins. Wait, only that much?

To his horror and surprise, he discovered his body had somehow morphed slightly to accommodate his new weight. His torso and limbs were longer and thicker, his hips and shoulders were wider, and his head was a little bigger, too. ('I th-thought the cup seemed a bit smaller...') His hair was longer and thicker, too, and he felt the neck buried beneath his fat collar was reinforced with rope-thick muscles to hold it up.

He dropped the cup in shock.

Kabal had become a giant of fat.

He stepped back, hearing the ground thud with the massive footstep. His whole body wobbled and rippled with the movement, and he couldn't help but gaze at himself, a smile curling itself on his face. The gelatin had changed him so that he could still move, somehow...though he still had problems moving through small spaces, true to the warning. But not only that, it let him look still fatter, not just having him proportionately stick to one size and growing. He was huge, butt and belly together making him seem almost wider than he was tall.

With ease, he shook the butt that worked as a shelf to impede his hair, squealing as he felt it slosh about with lard. He grabbed his belly and shook it, sending ripples down and up it, making him screech with delight. He snickered as he hefted his boob-like moobs, which his black fur was attached to through and through, stretching the shape out. He petted his quadruple chin, the three extras pouring down over his neck. He purred and hugged himself, swaying to and fro gently. "I'm so FAT!!~" he squeaked, voice a little lower from the size. "~Yes, oh, yes!~"

Kabal sighed and bent to his side, retrieving the cup. He scooped out the debris on the top part and shook it off. He noticed he no longer felt any urge, but he thought he may want to keep it for later. He turned, plucked a fresh leaf from the tree, and placed it as a lid again before stashing it in his beautiful hair. 'Now what?' he wondered. He looked up at the sky. It was getting on towards dusk. 'What's a 2000-pound zoroark to do?' He looked back at his belly, watching it sway as he began waddling off.

That hope flickered back in his heart.

And this time, he let it burn. Widening his eyes, he soon settled to a sneaky smirk. "~Furl, you said come back when I wasn't a weakling,~" he said. "~Well, let's see you try and Steamroller THIS!!~" He slammed a foot to the ground. A crater appeared around it, and he let out an excited howl before, making small craters as he went, dashing off back home.

"~Man, I'm glad you found that hidden orchard, brother,~" praised Bend a couple days later. The two gurdurr brothers were carrying sacks full of food, bindle-style on their beams, as they walked through the forest in front of Kabal's old cave. Bend carried fruit. "~For a few days, I thought we were gonna end up dyin' out here with how little food there is for five guys--us three and the boss!~"

Flex, carrying a much redder sack, laughed. "~Yeah--we gotta make sure he doesn't get all this meat I found there, too,~" he added. "~So many game animals. I wonder why other pokémon or humans haven't found it yet.~"

As they passed a stand of large trees, Bend frowned and looked around. "~Call me crazy, Flex, but it almost feels like we're bein' watched,~" he muttered.

"~Yeah, I feel it, too,~" Flex agreed, looking, too.

Suddenly, Kr came jumping down from the limbs above. "BOO!" he cried as he appeared.

The other two Fighting-types yelped and started. Then Flex anger-veined and shouted, "~If we'd dropped our food, it'd be all your fault, you know!~"

Kr snickered and crossed his arms. "~Yeah, well, if you two weren't scardy-cats, you wouldn't drop 'em, anyway,~" he pointed out with a sneer.

"~There's a difference between being scared and being surprised....~" muttered Bend. He thumped his brother's back. "~C'mon, let's get going. Musta just been Kr who was watching. Boss'll be mad if we dally any longer, brother.~"

"~Right,~" nodded Flex, and the three set off again.

After they were gone, the stand of trees they were by shimmered, revealing Kabal, standing with crossed arms and a smirk. "~Welp, looks like there's a reason for me to reclaim my home, after all,~" he chuckled. Moving with fluid grace, he tiptoed along, making nary a sound despite his huge weight.

"~What took you so long, huh?~" Furl demanded, curled up at the end of the cave, when the Fighting-types came in. "~I'm starving here!~"

"~Sorry, boss,~" apologized Bend as he and his brother lowered their sacks of food to the ground. "~Blame Kr--he held us up a bit.~"

Kr growled at them. "~Hey! It wasn't much more than a minute!~" he protested.

"~Not even gonna try and defend yourself, huh?~" half-eyed Flex.

Kr snickered. "~Why should I? You guys know me well enough by now!~"

"~I don't want your excuses,~" Furl said as he got up and went over to the food. He smirked when he saw the haul. Bending over and quickly snapping up three Sitrus in quick succession, he added, "~But--mfh--you're forgiven--mm--for this load.~"

"~I'll set up the fire,~" Kr said, grabbing a Watmel and trotting outside where the remains of a fire sat.

A few minutes passed while Furl and the others feasted on berries, Kr starting the fire. When the scraggy had gotten it burning, he grinned and turned. "~It's ready!~" he called. "~Bring the meat!~"

Bend came out with the meat. He stopped outside the entrance and half-eyed. "~What's ready, your imagination?~" he grumbled. "~Now isn't the time for your games!~" He pulled the food back in.

"~Huh? What do you--~" Kr began, turning to the fire again, but he stopped and squeaked when he saw that it had gone out. "~What!? How the...?!~" He growled. "~Must have been the wind....~" Working quickly, he bored the firewood again with his stick. In a moment, another fire had sprung up on the still-hot wood. "~THERE!~" he announced.

"~Hm?~" Flex, mouth full of berry and coming out with his brother, both carrying the meat. They stopped and growled, stomping their feet. "~Quit it!!~" Flex shouted before both turned back, grumbling.

Kr looked at the fire and let out a cry of rage. "~WHAT THE FUCK!?~" he screeched. With fury, he drilled another hole, and in three seconds, it was alight again. "~Alright, I swear now, it's ready,~" he called, still looking at the fire.

This time, all three came out, Furl looking sour. "~If this is another lie, so help me, I'll eat you," the giant bug snarled. He humphed at the still-lit fire. "~Good.~"

Kr mopped his brow. "~Good...Okay, hand me something to cook,~" he said, reaching behind him.

Suddenly, the fire blew out right before his eyes, whooshing to the side with a sudden gust of wind.

Kr froze, gawking, before roaring and thrashing in his seat.

"~Bring the damn thing inside,~" ordered Furl crossly. "~Enough of this stupidity!~" He turned...and found a wall in front of him. "~What the--?!~"

Kr's thrashing ended up hitting something soft beside him. He stopped and looked there. He had thumped air. He pressed in, and it felt squishy...warm, fuzzy....In an instant, Kabal dropped his illusion. He had been on all fours, crouching down beside him, blowing out the fire with his insanely strong lungs (stronger to maintain his body with how heavy he was now). His chins prevented him from getting right to the ground, so he had to angle. These chins where what Kr had struck. When Kr saw him, widening his eyes, Kabal wore a menacing grin as he whispered, "Boo."

With great speed, Kabal stood up away from Kr, who jumped and screamed, drawing everyone's attention. By the time the others had looked, Kr was flying towards them, slamming into Bend's girder, knocking himself out instantly as skull met metal.

Furl gaped at the giant zoroark, standing in a follow-through to a punt, then grit his teeth. "~You again!~" he seethed. "~Drop this illusion! You won't scare us! Flex!~"

"~Already on it, boss!~" Flex replied, eyes glowing red. As the words left his mouth, he shot the red beams at Kabal.

Kabal stood and chuckled as he was swept over. When it was finished, the light fading, he grinned. "~This is no illusion,~" he taunted.

Furl stepped back, then growled. "~I don't know how it happened, but now you're nothing but a giant blob!~" he taunted back. "~Bend! Flex! Take him down!~"

"~YESSIR!~" they replied before racing at him, both raising their girders as they prepared a Brick Break.

Kabal barked a laugh and held out one palm, focusing. Seconds before the beams hit him, their wielders were blasted back by Extrasensory. Kabal roared and, spinning with them still in his grasp, slammed them against the wall of the cliff, knocking them out. He finished his spin gracefully, looking almost eye-to-eye at Furl. He beckoned. "~Just you and me, fatasshole,~" he said quietly.

Furl sneered and stepped back. "~I've been getting stronger, too, you know,~" he warned. "~Because I knew you'd come back...I decided to make sure I can finish the job!!~" With a roar, he dashed and furled into a wheel, using Steamroller.

Kabal had only a second to move, but that was all he needed. "ARK!" he grunted as he caught the Steamroller head-on, skidding back a few yards. It hurt like hell, but he was unflinching, pressing against the sides of the wheel, slowing it down. Then, he timed a precise squeeze with all his intense might to stop Furl right as his big belly, too big to let him curl into a perfect wheel, faced him. Kabal's yellow hair bead and aqua eyes started glowing as he began to gather energy.

Furl, still curled up in the tight grip of Kabal, looked up with wide eyes. He squirmed to no avail, belly mashed hard against belly. "~Wh...How...?!~" he squawked.

"~Because while there's no room for assholes, there's ALWAYS room for Jell-O!!~" grinned Kabal before he unleashed a powerful Hyper Beam point-blank, right on the soft underside.

Furl screamed as he was sent flying off from the attack. He slammed into a tree, making it break, and he and the tree were ground against the grass for a split-second before the beam faded.

Kr had woken up again by then. He gasped as he saw his boss lying on a tree. Before he could move, though, Kabal was stomping over. Kabal sat down on his foe, belly and butt blocking all but head. "~B-Boss!!~" Kr gasped.

Furl blinked, finding a hard thing below him and a soft, heavy thing on top of him, as he groaned in pain, consciousness fading. "~This is my home,~" thundered Kabal above him. "~You have no right invading it and kicking me out when I did absolutely nothing wrong. Take your cronies and get out, before I finish the job.~"

Furl could only gaze in bleary fear at the glower Kabal gave him before fainting.

Kabal grunted as a Hi Jump Kick hit him in the side. He turned and grabbed Kr by the lapels. "~You heard me--leave,~" he Snarled.

Kr gulped and nodded. "~Y-Yessir,~" he squeaked.

Kabal stood up, unceremoniously dropped Kr, and turned to the gurdurrs hobbling over weakly. It took one glare for them to yelp, race over, and hoist up the fainted body of their boss. Kabal watched as, frightened, they peeled out of there, Kr holding onto Furl's horns. The zoroark smirked and put his paws on his hips. "~And stay out,~" he muttered before turning back to the cave, lifting the illusion.

His stomach gurgled. "~I know, I'm coming,~" he told it with a chuckle. He let out another chuckle after a moment. "~Shoot--I forgot to thank them for getting me this wonderful food!~" So Kabal sat down and started the fire once more, careful not to burn his copious amounts of fur, before cooking the animals from the pile. As they cooked, he smiled and hugged his belly close, rubbing it gently. 'May I never be thin again,' he swore. 'Ever.'

There's Always Room


24 August 2013 at 20:03:44 MDT

A skinny, starving zoroark gets thrown outta his home by some bullying dominant-typed pokémon. One day, he discovers a strange morsel....

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    he's going to be one gigantic muscle gut Zoroark and did he like it
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      Yes, he did ^^ Say, are you the same guy who asked on FA?

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        yeah, I am

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