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Candy Dreams Part 1 by cardiajohnscott

Candy Dreams Part 1

Alton squeezed his big belly through the doorway and sat down at the kitchen table. He brought out his cell phone and texted Siyahama and Voltage Sergal to come over and help eat a bag of chocolate and candy he got.

Voltage Sergal received the text and got ready to go to his place to help him eat the chocolate.

Alton received the text back from Voltage but stayed inside in the air conditioning to keep the chocolate from melting.

Sometime later, Voltage arrive at Alton's place of residency and knocked on the door.

Alton waddled as fast as he could to his front door, his 91" belly swaying. He opened the door and spread out his arms and paws "Welcome there. C'mon in!".

As Voltage came inside Alton handed him a candybar.

Siyahamba meanwhile arrive and tapped on Alton's door, the leopard panted softy. He heard about chocolate and candy, and had hurried over as fast as he could.

Alton opened the door a moment later and beamed at the Leopard, "Heywoo. Get in here."

The dog handed the Leopard a candy bar as he entered.

"Thanks!" The Leopard munched on the candy bar, "This is great! Where'd you get the candy?"

Alton stood for a second thinking, "Y'know. I don't remember. I was sitting there and thought about getting candy. Then I forgot what I was doing and..."

The Samoyed knocked over the kitchen table with his gut and looked over at the Leopard, "I think that happened."

Then the dog picked the table back up.

Siyahamba blinked in surprise, and then chortled, "For real? Well...I'm not one to turn down candy, wherever it came from."

"That's what I like to here. They don't make candy like my grandmom did. But uh..." Alton replied and stood for a second, "Oh well..."

The Samoyed got the plastic bag off the counter and then shuffled down and sat down on a kitchen chair. The chair creaked as he sat on it and it bowed dangerously.

Siyahamba sat back in his own chair and stroked his chin with a paw thoughtfully as he looked the canine over, "Hmm. Something different about you today..."

"It does. I mean. I do?" Alton looked over himself.

He was still a 627lb 5' 25" Samoyed. A white furred russian siberian dog.

"I don't think I lost any weight. But 72 years... I think I may be 73. Wait... well at this age you lose track," The Samoyed continued.

Siyahamba chuckled softly, the hefty leopard noded his head, "I don't think you lost any. Not that I'm one to judge." He smiled reassuringly, "It looks good on you."

"Thanks Siya," Alton added and looked over the Leopard smiling, "And you? How are you doing?"

Siyahamba looked to him to be a 510lb quadruped leopard, belly almost to the floor.

"Not too bad..." The leopard spoke and glanced at the candy bag. He smiled bashfully, "Mind if I have a little more?"

Alton pushed the candy bag over toward the leopard across the table and then looked around quixotically and got up suddenly.

Siyahamba reached in, took another piece, and munched on it, "Mmm, delicious."

Alton spoke thoughtfully, "I think one of my kids was supposed to be here. But... nine kids... I don't know how many grandkids I have."

Then the samoyed went off and looked into the living room for a moment. He didn't find what he was looking for, so waddled back, "Was there someone else here?"

Alton sighed at length as the Leopard just munched away on his candybar. He sat back down and munched a candybar idley.

Voltage took a candy bar out of the bag and ate it fastly.

Alton jumped at the sudden movement from voltage, "Oh. There you are. I was looking for you. Right. But uh..." The Samoyed looked at the dragon.

Voltage spoke "Yes. my name is voltage"

Alton responded, "Hi voltage. I am Alton. I'm sorry. How did I get your text number? Oh Well. See I got a lot of candy."

The dog shook the bag and as he did so, his moving around jiggled his flabby furry arms.

Alton ate another candy bar and burped. He got up and made a pitcher of fruit punch and poured himself a glass.

Voltage went to the bag and grabbed 2 candy bars and ate them.

Alton ate another couple of candy bars and drank some punch.

"Look at this," the Samoyed announced and rummaged around in the bag.

He got out a bag of gumdrops, red rope licorice, and a candy bar. Then, once he got those he began to top the candy bar with gumdrops and roped them together with the licorice.

The dog stuffed the candy bar concoction in his mouth amd started to mumble words at the Leopard and Dragon.

Suddenly, a black holed portal opened up in the wall.

Alton waddled over as quick as his fat would let him to investigate the portal.

He then squeezed his belly and himself into the portal to investigate.

What happens next? Please read the rules and comment below.

Candy Dreams Part 1


This is a type of Dynamic Interactive Fiction story.


  1. I write the introduction and start of the story
    2. I post Part 1 of the story.
    3. Receive Comments on the story about what should happen next
    4. Write Part 2 of the story based on the comments
    5. Post a combined Parts 1 and 2
    6. Receive Comments on the story about what should happen next
    7. Write Part 3 of the story based on the comments
    8. Post a combined Parts 1, 2, and 3
    9. Receive Comments on the story about what should happen next
    10. Continue to Write, Post, and Receive comments on Part 4 and onward
    11. Once the minimum word limit is reached, the story can be concluded
    12. Once the maximum word limit is reached, the story will be concluded

Also, this will go accordingly with the rules below:

Rule 1: Patreon, Kofi, Subscribstar, etc. subscribers may get priority over non subscribers.
Rule 2: Please keep to the story theme/ story type: Fat Furry
Rule 3: Please keep to the setting theme: Candy: Candy World
Rule 4: First person to comment directs what goes on next in the story.
Rule 5: Keep it within the site's aup and/or content policies and applicable legalities
Rule 6: The word count minimum must be reached before the story can be concluded by suggestion: 7500.
Rule 7: No death of the main character allowed.
Rule 8: Keep it within the maturity rating set of General.
Rule 9: The main character's species is Samoyed Dog.
Rule 10: The story will remain open to add to until the minimum word count.
Rule 11: Once the maximum word count is reached, if the story is still going on I will conclude it: 20,000
Rule 12: You may add in your OC/sona but may not make another owner's oc/sona do things if the owner does not want it to.
Rule 13: To keep the story moving, if your character is left behind you may catch it up someway here or you have my permission to continue your story and post it. You must credit me and the other owners ocs. The story will be seperate and will not happen unless you have it happen here. If you want it to continue with this story it must be here.
Rule 14: Instead of having it be the first person responding in comments gets to suggest what happens next, I will also include any other suggestion from commenters that comment before I write up the next part provided it isn't to contrary or paradoxal.
Rule 15: Have fun!

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