Obios by cardiajohnscott



8 February 2020 at 05:25:16 MST

Obios is a God from the Universe of 8, that has the usual manifestation of a teddy bear name Bisu and a fox cub named Subi. The God's form is not always manifested in the forms of a teddy bear and a fox cub, and sometimes Subi could be a young bear cub, or a puppy, or other animals as well as a human child. The Bisu aspect of Obios also can appear as any other animal from a feral bear, polar bear, bigger human, etc. They are usually depicted cuddling, hugging or otherwise embracing. They are of the same God, though. The God of very basic survival instincts that include childlike cuddling. However, they also govern the basic forward venturing into the world of either staying away from things or going to meet things that life throws at them. They represent aspects of getting basic primal necessities such as food, contentment, serenity, apsects such as an infant suckling from its mother, etc.