Silver Stream Memory 24 by cardiajohnscott

Silver Stream Memory 24

The mansion of God had a higher hall at the top most part next to a stair case ascending to the path to the throne of God. The mezzanine level we were in was above several basement levels for heaven to hell and hell to heaven affairs. The mezzanine level had the south wing we were entered in with the expansive lounging room. The west and east wings stretched on and grew in either direction to accomodate churches that were in existence for God throughout general earth which numbered to be in several thousand. This included the original hebrew synagogue's as well. The second smaller flow was the Saint level where all persons of note had special rooms for them. The next level was for all biblical legendary persons from Moses to Paul and everything around it. The level for Jesus and his quarters has at the next level and then the archangel level and the high choir loft.
"Where does everyone else stay?" I asked.
"The north wing on the mezzanine if they must there's really no point, "Chris explained. We were in the center of the Mansion in the middle of the statue of the seven, the statue of the twelve, and the statue of the trinity.
"I had heard there was a garden?" Conclaive asked.
"The garden, yes, it is around the north wing. Actually there are ones outside of each wing.
"Your throne is higher than the high choir loft?" I asked Chris.
He nodded, "Yes, now you could go and investigate the mansion how you see fit.
"Well, let's go to the north wing and go to the gardens," I remarked standing up.
We moved on the rough two grand doors and into a vast hall that continued north. There to each side was a table and vases of the flowers and statuary next to the many doors set in each wall further on up into the north section into the distance.
There in the center was plush seats and tables and statuary with a plant or two in alternating patterns into the distance. A dejected creature sat at one of the cahris. Cardia beat me in approaching the creaturem "What's happening? I noticed you are here by yourself."
The person hung his head and muttered, "Yes, waiting for the next miracle and revelation."
"What miracle or revelation are you waiting for," Cardia asked and he looked at Cardia and hung his head shaking it.
"Maybe we had better collaborate who we are able to meet or who we want to meet?" Wri suggested.
Just then a crowd of angels around two figures Paul and Jesus came down the hallway ahead of us. When they reached the dejected person Jesus stopped, walked up to him, and gave hmi a hug.
"I'm curious? Where are the muslims?" I asked Chris.
Jesus chuckled, "Well I'll leave this to you father," Jesus responded and left with the person and with Paul.
Chris sat down in his place, "Well, we are in the process of moving them in actually. We built this mansion to be more of an institution. Most of them are beyond the ivory pathways north and to the streets paved in gold to the west of the ivory pathways. While I can facilitate everyone, not everyone wants to be in here," Chris explained.
"So there is dissention in heaven?" Sko questioned.
Chris stood up and continued north through the hall. We followed and Chris talked, "Now, I have explained to them about living in harmony. But, even here they do not wish to do it. I am nearly ready to send them all away to their own universes."
"I am surprised you haven't," Ava remarked.
"Either way, I don't think I'm going to come here in a while, It's boring," I whispered to Sko. His eyes widened at my whispering.
Chris stopped and he turned around and had a full grimace, "I am surprised, well not surprised. A bit dissapointed at that."
"Yes, I understand. Even I like a bit of conflict and to have things happen. I do admit I was feeling good about visiting you when I arrived. I even wanted to go see Muhammad earlier because there's not many photos of him," I explained shrugging.
"Hey, I can't write about him, It's illegal," Wri remarked.
"Sure you can or I can as I'm already dead," Conclaive responded.
"There's a breakfast patio in the middle of the Gardens. Oh, and I have to warn you, it isn't a garden as you might have wondered or thought," Chris told us as we arrived at the far door after walking definite days on end.
The doors were oaken painted brown and had the words North Garden on them. Chris opened the double doors and we were greeted by a grassy path between trees and bushes a regular forest. The birds chirped amidst the blue sky seeping through the topmost tree leaves. The air was clear and had a distinct pine smell mixed in with other wafty mapley odors. We continued down the cool path of grass and dirt and turned the first bend to the left. We continued to the next bend to the left.
We continued to the next bend and Chris spoke, "Exponentially self righteous, that's what you are."
"I leave the judgements to you. Yes, Lord," I told Chris.
Chris smiled turning around and walking backwards to look at me, " I can only influence you to a certain respect. I forgive you for jumping in the wall. I can forgive you for calling my Kingdom Heaven boring."
"I am sorry. I do feel peaceful, I appreciate sitting and doing nothing but listening in shared silence the birds chirping and animals rustling around. Very peaceful I remarked.
We continued down the path for several paces and the walls of the mansion were farther away before we met the bend into the ivory floored patio in the midst of a wide clearing in the garden. It was bordered by floors which also made a center ring. Tables and chairs were strewn all about. We sat down at one larger one off center.
"You all don't say much other than Ias," Chris mused from the head of the table to us.
"You know what I want to do?" Behemoth said after a long pause.
"I wanted to be respectful and give you one more part," I spoke giving Wri a nod.
Wri released Bop who blinked, "The limit is nearly reached. We are sorry to have to want to go elsewhere but there is so much to do..."
"It wasn't originally supposed to go this far in heaven this is added content to the extended conception of the canon," Wri remarked.
"Are you wanting to follow us? And Cardia and Conclaive, are you wanting to go?" I asked them.
"When I can go to places other than hell, as I'm not much of a fan. Let me know when you are done. Cardia and Conclaive, sorry cannot or they could become lost. It is a demon that is guiding you and you will be under his will up and to if and when you are killed," Chris remarked.

Silver Stream Memory 24


5 February 2020 at 17:12:56 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.