Silver Stream Memory 22 by cardiajohnscott

Silver Stream Memory 22

"Do you have anymore requests of me?" Gabriel asked as I approached him.
"Can I come back and talk with you about my decisions later?" I asked Gabriel.
"Yes, well I have all eternity ," he said grinning. I laughed and went through the archway of the small white stone we were in.
We came upon a stone plateau in the clouds whereas we saw several individuals standing there in a crowd and toward the other side were God and a few archangels.
We made our way toward the front and God waved at us as we arrived.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"Those are the releases," God stated.
"Really?" I asked perking to attention.
"Yes, but didn't you have something you were doing or you could give those a pep speech," God remarked spreading his hands out.
"Nah, I think you've got it. You're much more experienced at this than we are," I admitted.
"Okay," God responded grinning smugly.
"Are we to be going now then?" Sko asked.
"In a moment, I want to hear this," I said back to Sko.
"You are going to be dissapointed," God remarked to us and turned raising his hands and addressed the crowd.
"Hello all of you, my dear creations. You have been in heaven for a while. You have wandered here and far. You may have heard or have wondered about the beyond. Well, you are about to discover this. You have evolved to the next level and are Gods just like me. As a result, your presence cannot be contained here anymore. You have likely felt the difference even in your earthly lives. Now I will go over the details with each and every one of you, but go on. You can go to your own places now and start your own universes. You had all foresook my forgiveness before you died so you will be welcome back here for advice and a break from the pressures of Godening. Believe me breaks will be very very rampant with you in your own place before and after you get started.
"Just get a plan going and away you go," Everyone stared at God for a moment most wide eyed or heads tilted to a side or an eyebrow raised. Others wandered around aimlessly. Otherse conversed while a small few set out to actually leaving and an even smaller few go about to doing just that.
I chuckled and god smiled as everyone did what they did in reaction. He turned to meet those of the group that approached him. I turned to Sko and he shrugged and went onward walking into the clouds. We approached the eternal well outside of God's mansion. Wri and Ava joined us there. Wri waited as we gazed down into the bottomless well bathed in a glowing light deep down it into the far pit of it.
I picked up a stone and let it drown down vanishing into the light.
"I wonder if this is the light at the end of the tunnel folks describe," I suggested smiling and looking around at everyone.
Behemoth arrived with Cardia and Conclaive.
"I am getting a little impatient," Behemoth protested but laughed.
I smiled to Behemoth, "These places don't have much my control. So they should try coming under my control. My space my time my mind my spirit. My sacred space, so we interweave a decoration not for those but the invisible to see, only on sacred language can it be..." I intoned and smiled again at the end.
"I don't seem powerful enough," Sko remarked.
"Yes, Behemoth after the garden of eden I hope to be ready," I went on speaking.
"Oh, remind me to show you our garden of Eden," Behemoth remarked deliciously.
"Got it, will do," Wri responded and left with Ava aside her.
"I hope you know what you're doing," Sko remarked.
Chris appeared and stared down the well with us, then a flash of light sprited out and the well and alighted before us. I chuckled amused and grinned open mouthed as it was a stingray fully glowing white and flapping its fin head. The creature descended back down as quick as it had flew up.
I turned to chris, "I hated my life."
"Aye, I know, just keep sticking with it. The water is treacherous and you can learn to keep your head and even your body safely above it," Chris responded.
A rabbit floated out fo the depths of the well glowing brightly. It stared at each of us twitching its nose and furrowing its whiskers.
"What is the eternal well anyway?" Ava asked Chris.
"The power to create time and continue in time as well as the spark to create life is at the bottom of this well," Chris explained.
"Beautiful," Wri commented looking down in.
"If you give up something you own you will receive it many times in return," Conclaive remarked.
"Have you?" I asked him.
"I had denoted one of my writings," Conclaive replied.
Wri produced my big gray and black binder and I snapped to attention but nodded with a smile and Conclaive ran up to Wri but she tossed it into the well and we watched it dissapear with a poof into the well.
"You sacrificed your book of particles in the well?" Sko exclaimed.
"I sacraficed my rod," Cardia told us.
"I don't have anything to give you," Behemoth shrugged.
"Oh. Rotundomon?" Ava called and her creature came close.
"No," I balked wide eyed.
She nodded at me and turned to him," I dropped something down the well, a barette, could you go and get it?"
Rotundomon nodded and crawled into the well and was gone.
"How does one compete with that?" Sko exclaimed.
"I'll show you," I responded and amidst stark gasps I leapt up and fell down into the well.

Silver Stream Memory 22


4 February 2020 at 02:29:05 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.

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