Silver Stream Memory 21 by cardiajohnscott

Silver Stream Memory 21

We were on our way to see Michael and had passed into an ivory and cloud colliseum. He was standing the middle of it with several black winged angels about him.

"Yes, he sits in the basement a fat red dragon. Under the smoke stacks of stench and the vast empire he dreams of ascending the steps, for you are much less a stepping stone," an angel next to us intoned.

"Who are you," Ava asked the yellow hair fair white winged and robed creature.

"Gabriel," Behemoth said solemnly.

We descended the steps with Gabriel floating down with us to the center of another colliseum to meet Michael. We arrived within the circle of angels around Michael.

"Michael?" I asked coming up to the archangel at the center of the crowd.

"Yes, my son. Oh, its you," he remarked upon seeing Chris with us.

"Yes?" Chris squawked.

"Follow me," He said to us and proceeded to start down toward the other side of the colliseum and up the stairs there. We proceeded then through an archway and down into a small theatre. Michael stopped at the midst of the center platform and turned to await us join him. He had black hair that matched his wings of the same color, and blue sapphire eyes that stared at me and an unmoving expression that felt cool and hard. He wore a deep purple robe.

"I really don't know what I want other than a belly the size to cradle with my full arms length," I started to say.

"Yeah," Behemoth responded thumbs up.

"Magical powers to crush my enemies," I said.

"This... yeah is a start..." Wri commented.

"Yes so do you want to put that for those first three requests?" Michael asked.

I hate to waste requests. I think I already have some magical powers. This itself augments and allows them to function. Yes, the logical skills, organization skills, and the communciation skills. Then, the big belly and magical powers rolled into one, over this life," I reported.

Michael nodded and Gabriel spoke, "Now, your decisions on the five forms?"

"Yes, I believe I have them. We are going to do an adventure from my apartment to an old friend's house," I responded.

"Alright and next," Gabriel commented keeping and unmoving grin.

"One moment. Lord umm Chris, a word."

I injected and took Chris aside, "So, do I still get to ask you of dilemmas?"

"Yes, but is this about your abilities? Remember, I told you to be yourself and decide for the best of you. You know it yourself. You have noted you didn't want to worry about what others thought," Chris responded.

I nodded and went back to Gabriel saying, "While it isn't an exact influence, I am going to put the apartment and the section of town to Inskirus and the Sylbistrae multiplex," I told Gabriel.

"That could represent a problem. The features now cannot pass the relative, although it can still influence that which is the reality. I don't see a reason to charge attack. You have only request one," Gabriel responded.

"I will need to confer for the last four," I told Gabriel.

"Okay?" He responded solemnly.

"I turned to Chris and the others, "Well this is some differing events."

"I can recall the ones you discussed with conclaive and Cardia," Conclaive responded.

"Those aren't though. Let's go around heaven and get into perspective," I remarked.

We walked up through the archway to the right and descended into a cloudy canyon.

"I can request those particular help anytime," I remarked.

"So we are to go to hell then," Behemoth remarked perking up.

"Ava, he can join us," I told Ava.

"Who?" Behmoth asked.

"Oh good," Ava brightened. She produced a bag and reached inside of it.

She then threw an object out of it before us. The object stretched and yawed until it was a big round blobous mass. The mass sprouted a small round blob up to of it with two small black eyes. Its mouth was a small slit on its body front. Tentacles then sprouted from four sides of it although it put two away. I also saw it had a tail but that it put it away.

"Ah, rotundomon, welcome!" I announced to the creature.

It saluted with one tentacle and said in a slurpy globly voice, "I was hoping to meet you someday."

"An I you," I said to it.

The creature Rotundomon morphed into a humanoid form still devoid of regular eyes its body was thinner and it stood taller. Its mitts and feet were appendages and were round bulbs. His head was the same albeit less round.

"Yes, I am happy to make your acquaintance," Rotundomon spoke in a clearer developed voice.

"I will pretty much share my presence inside of you, someday," I responded and looked into the blue of the clouds.

Silver Stream Memory 21


4 February 2020 at 02:17:40 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.