Silver Stream Memory 20 by cardiajohnscott

Silver Stream Memory 20

I stood over with God at the cabana at the bar there. We were waiting for our dinners.

"I didn't know God needed to eat?" I asked him as I got a big box with pizza on the top handed to me.
"I don't just as you doing in the domain of yours and your universe. I just do it for fun," God remarked and picked up his tray with a steak salad on it that was about half the size of my pizza box. The archangels stood grinning and folded their arms proudly as we went to a large 8 seat umbrella table. It was stone with plush seats around it. The umbrella was one of two large ones. Our companions were already there adding to the smorgasboard and munching away. The two archangels brought us our drinks after God sat down at the head of the table and sat in the seat to his left.

"So, it is the truth with you being a deity in training," God remarked.

"Um... isn't it?" Cardia asked and I shrugged at that.

"No, that's not right. I think it would be more that I see myself, everything and everyone on a higher level of freedom than what they see themselves on. But... truely in that respect why do they limit themselves," I spoke.

"I don't think you should say you are a deity in training. Even that doesn't really explain it," God explained.

"We what am I if not me," I asked throwing up my hands and then proceeded to open the pizza box and chow down.
"Pizza monster," Behemoth chuckled and I chuckled between bites.

"It is getting ridiculous, first you were behind him," Sko remarked indicating Cardia.

"Then you were behind us," Wri said.

"You were behind rotundomon," Ava remarked while sipping on a Maitai drink.
"I'd say go with the flow and be yourself,"Behmoth said.

"I already suggested that," God pointed out.

"Yeah, I would almost be a cat as I like them the best when they're not so ornery. Well , I like them all. Anyways, this doesn't get anything done. I'm a human in camo outside. I could be anything I wish," I said.

"Yeah, if let you be," God chuckled.

"Yeah, you already have the slight making of a cat in your avatars," Ava commented.

"A cat?" Conclaive remarked.

"Ah, don't pay it too much mind. I've a just been a bit lazy," I remarked back and I chomped away, nearing the halfway point on my pizza.

I peered at Cardia and Conclaive rubbing my chin, A" rabbit pendant and a fountain pen. God, may I take them with me in those forms,"I emitted and implored to God.

"I don't think so. I believe they have their own free wills to consider. Plus, they are born under my watch. You absorbed them into your two others there. Why don't they go as your pen?" God responded.

"Aww... don't worry about that. I don't," Behemoth commented chomping on a whole apple.

"Really it is as you said. The leisure and doing what you will. Don't worry," Sko associated and God nodded when I glanced at him.
I laid back in my chair," Well, I don't want to pollute heaven."
I patted my stomach. God looked at it and me," How about I ask you to do a few more things. I sensed you didn't plan on staying in heaven for such a long time," God told me.

"Who? I might actually be able ot see though," I responded.

"How about you take another tour to see Gabriel and Michael maybe visit your family members?" God said.

"I wanted to ask your wisdom and information and to talk probably about the powers I can have to visit back here," I substituted.

"Well you've probably done enough then. No additional powers if you visit earth. I may go with you," God narrated.

Everyone stopped and I froze at the last part, "What?"

"I guess not. Well, my incarnation Chris will go with you to your Silver Stream and wherever. See fit to do with him what you want. Don't give me all the details," God responded grinning and gave a wink and everyone sighed in turn and everything seemed to startup again.

"Gabriel and Michael will talk to you but the earth parts for particles you choose. I will only allow five of each of them. The wonders of heaven are yours to explore. Visit the eternal well and the garden of Eden or go to Behemoth's circle if you want," God continued and god up.

I stood up too,"I hope I didn't offend you too much?"

God grimaced but turned it into a brighter expression, "Just see Jesus for your forgiveness. If I were to destroy all those who made a slight against me. Well that's a bit cheesy. Oh go! Talk to me again if you want," God responded and bidding everyone farewell went back away beyond the cabana. I sat back down again."Just continue, you'll do well. Didn't you have bigger plans?" Sko asked.

"I may need to go to hell later. I'm not so much in the mood," I remarked.

"What!?" Behemoth protested and came behind me rubbing my shoulders with his big mitts.

"Heh, well... yeah," I remarked stopping because I heard Behemoth's belly gurgle from behind me.

"What is it that requires us to want these pains and pleasures so much that we would want to die and go to them,"I mused and laughed.

Cardia and Conclaive came over to me with Wri and Ava," So, you can't get us back. Well I hope Wri and Ava carry on our legacy well," they remarked.

"I'll bring you back in my own way," I said to them.

"Sure," Conclaive remarked grinning.

They left and I saw God returning but it wasn't really him in his Chris form but the Chris avatar that now joined us.

"Hi, I'm Chris you know. Shall I help you to Gabriel and Michael to start your plans?" Chris asked.

"Oh, you want to get rid of me that fast?" I snapped but smiled the whole way through it. Chris balked but grinned,"Oh you want to stay?" Chris told me.

"How about we take a walk and end up where we are going?" I remarked and started walking out on top of the water twoard the horizon. I got some ways out and turned back to those of which only Sko followed, "Yes, c'mon."

Silver Stream Memory 20


4 February 2020 at 02:13:44 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.