Silver Stream Memory 18 by cardiajohnscott

Silver Stream Memory 18

I stood before the throne of God at the bottom of the long staircase into the clouds. I was on an ivory platform that disappeared intot he clouds on either way. It did appear to stop but also appeared to continue on everywhere into the blue of the sky eventually in every direction. A gold colored eagle came flying down the stairs and alighted from the steps below. I knelt down.

"You can call me Christoper. I am a form of God. I see you were messing with Jesus. I allowed this to happen until I could have you explain yourself," the bird squawked.

"I was just having fun and trying to expand my view and practice for the afterlife. Can you forgive me? I am sorry, I ask forgiveness of your son Jesus for me and through him for you, " I told him groveling with Sko.

"Ah, I will forgive you. I am forgiving, compassionate, walk with me," He said and became taller more human-like but still feathered and baked gold and shiny like an eagle.

We walked into the clouds and I told him what had happened thus far.

"And yes I do see we are in want it is so basic, we come out crying for a need and want. Then we start taking what we want, and end up structuring ways in which to take what we want. We are just always helpless little children aren't we?" I asked God.

"I don't really see it like that. I see it as the baby starts out with the statement, I am here. The baby grows up and keeps making himself out to say 'I am here!' Then there's that day he gets to say you are here. Finally, the day comes when he truely says 'We are here'!" god told me.

"I do find that a nice way to look at it," I said to God.

So, what is it about this afterlife and these preplans you have?" God asked at length.

"I think that we would like to graduate to the master of our own domain when we come to heaven and go beyond it," I explained to God.

"I see. Then the point of 'We are here' is not fully reached before then?" God questioned.

"I think it is reached. We are all able to evolve. You made us so," I replied.

"I did if that is a way to look at it," God responded.

"The other planes of existence that each of us is in charge of our own and able to fashion it as we see fit, " I remarked.

"You are goign to see the other ones as well, Satan?" God approached.

"I was planned to yes," I came back.

"That's good. Well, the advice I have for what you put forth about the Godship is to be benevolent and you will go further.
Otherwise, you will have to recreate many times over to get what you think you want," God adviced.

"I do have a few questions that have been nagging me. These are about the current life, " I asked as we turned and proceeded to go back to the throne in the still air.

"Yes, I will tell you what I think. As it usually is," God responded.

"Well, if you please," I said but could not think of anything else to say.

"Just be who you started out to be and just be yourself to those around you." God narrated.

"I was. God, do I need to be true to myself?" I asked off handedly.

"Yes, that would be right, I see. I know, one has to be in true touch with themselves to see everyone else," God remarked.

"I do see. I hope that by this I am being myself and what I would be,"I remarked.

"Yes, and you would be as I asked," God remarked shrugging and we neared the stairs of the throne.

"Pure and holy, that it is sacred and Divine Book of Particles. I will be myself," I responded zealously.

God sighed," Yes child. Be mindful of that which is around you. Be careful," God said and took flight up a few steps. He turned aroudn and lifted a wing up. I waved back and he became the original sie of eagle he was before. He hopped into the air and flew up the steps cryting into a gold and white blur as he vanished into the clouds.

He smiled, "They will if you keep trying in as much as you keep adding to this Book of Particles."

I turned around and looked into the clouds, "Heaven... I gotta' check this out."

"Go ahead," grumble of thunder sounded from up the throne steps into the clouds there.

"I got an endorsement," I said and walked down the ivory pavement.
The areas and cloud rooms and Ivory walled rooms were variously occupied by one angel or another all the time in white robes. Most of them were winged human although I saw a few human animals some time. Sko had kept up with me silent until I started to walk around heaven.

"What are you going to do?" He asked.

"We are going to have a look around but heaven is heaven. I tend to like to have more fun than this," I told Sko.

"What could be more paradise than heaven?" Sko pointed out.

"You are quite right," I expressed and walked onward past more ivory rooms and some greek and roman style white marble rooms. There were some angels we were seeing that had the archangel dark wings and were dressed in much more formal attire than the simple white robes of the other angels. We eventually came to a beach cabana near a calm crystal blue ocean that stretched out into the distance of clouds. The breeze felt soft and the lapping of the water of the ocean was gentle sounding the sands were warm to the feel between my toes. There were lawn lounge chairs all around and Sko and I laid down in the nearest one under a palm tree. An angel wearing a white cotton shirt and shorts came out and gave me a margarita and Sko a pina colada. We sat sipping those and staring on and I became very much at ease. The angel came by to take our empty drinks and someone came ahead of our view. The day was bright as well and then the angels put two umbrellas ahead of us slightly. God as Chris eagle stood there. He took a seat afore us. I sat up and made myself start to get up to pay my respect. God waved me off.

"No, we are informal now. Now that we are I just wanted to come and do some casual talking," he remarked.

"Alright," I replied sitting back with a smile and got comfortable.

"You can, yes. You can either be what you want to be or you could be who you really are," God pointed out.

"I could. I could be, I could act like I want to and act like I really am again a situation that has happened," I spoke, opening my eyes.

"Yeah, I've really just went over this already with you. Do what you will. I'll be here for advice," God shrugged saying with an ending smile and he got up and went back behind us and away.

Silver Stream Memory 18


4 February 2020 at 02:07:13 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.

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