Silver Stream Memory 14 by cardiajohnscott

Silver Stream Memory 14

The two new sprites were by name Wri and Ava. They were solely created to take the place of and to expound on Cardia and my writing part. Ava was my avatarian representative and would represent me before I would arrive or would take my place and represent me even if I never talked to or went to any place other than where I was.

Cardia's ambitions were still with her as she upended and consumed him head first and the belly bulge or remnants inside her belly was hardly noticeable and quickly vanished.

Eko, another sprite I had cheated sometimes ago I brought in as a formal announcer of concerns as Sko was acting before. I wanted Sko solely as second in opinion and not so much a reporter.

Wri, on the other hand, had taken my writing part and consumed him similarly. My writing part did kick up as much of a fuss if not more than Cardia did with being eaten alive and ran around madly as wri fit his head into her mouth. I had made wri to be male or female as well and had the concern of too many female but I shrugged and set to decide that later.

We all got together for a chat about what the current statuses were.

For my writing part I wanted wri to document everything we did and all the planning was left to her to document as we were doing. I had her use my old sprite list to help out as I was considering using more sprites. Sko was at odd to the suggestion of more. I could agree. The useful companionship was in those I could get along with. Wri I had follow everyone in turn and document what they did but I decided that like my old writing part she had his lusts more openly modeled after my own. She thus did seek me out from time to time.

She had concerns as Sko did with her current Silver stream and Pelelope Universe constituents.

I was also quite a bit at odds with many things myself. I postponed such sessions because of such reasons. The feels were mostly recently.

I had told this to Sko when I asked for him to turn fatter.

"It is probably the differentation with cardia," Sko remarked.

"No," ava remarked phasing into the living room of the apartment. Sophie hard us and came in and sat on the ground on the floor of the far side next to my CDs and tapes into the kitchen.

"This perpetual sticker to life is irrelevant. We command more than we usually know. We are much more powerful from here in the writing right now back at the bedroom on the L shaped desk," My writing part commented, wri coming down the hall with the grey laced black binder housing the Book of Particles. She went back into the bedroom and came back without it. I came and went into the bedroom and opened the binder by its zipper and placed my hand on the paper right at the spot writing about it. I turned toward wri who followed me into the bedroom commenting, "This is centering to the new now."

I went past her and sat down in my recliner in my living room.
I had to create another sprite or someone else. I was needing one of them to help. I considered using explore but I hadn't introduced her yet.

I created Kno or the knowing who was supposed to be explore a patron goddess of previous concept. I went ahead and created the remainder of thee her Gods Power. Dream, and All. I mainly had Kno in the living room with Sophie, Sko, Wri, and Eko.

Silver Stream Memory 14


4 February 2020 at 01:57:35 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.