Silver Stream Memory 13 by cardiajohnscott

Silver Stream Memory 13

"In the meantime..." I narrated and left the bathroom and went through the hall and to the living room of the apartment where I propped my feet up on the square flop top stool.

"Please, go on..." Sko entreated when I didn't say anything but started at the blank tv on the stand on the far wall still at odds with how and what I was going to do.

"Shackles," I said reaching out my left hand into the air and cardia appeared shackled in full bar irons both bringing his hands or paws and footpaws together. He fell to his knees and looked up amazed. I stared at his bloated belly, still bloated from the sizeable snack I gave him.

"Yes, shackles," I raised my right hand similarly and my writing part appeared similarly, stock still in surprise. He tried to make a step forward but fell. His belly became active with the blob inside him and he half laid on the flor his shackled hands forawrd and moaned for a moment.

I waited until he was done moaning and Sophie came prancing in from the kitchen and watche dus all curiously from a stock still stand.

I scratched the back of my hands and left them palms up on my lap on each leg.

I then brought my legs and feet back on the ground and watched them as Cardia stared down and my writing part stared straight at me. I laughed and got up.

Cardia looked back down cringing. I went and sat right in front of him, cross legged. I grabbed a horn and he tried to shake me loose but I helf fast enough. I made a swift motion and he was on his back staring up stock still.

"I wanted some time to you and before I hand up you I will make sure you enjoy this. I hope you will too and I'll make it easier on you," iresonded coming in close until I was overtop of cardia, my legs to each side. I winked and his shackles were gone. He brought his hands up to his sides slightly protecting his belly.

I clicked my toungue and shook my head. I got off the top of him and went over to the left side of him. He slightly looked at me warily until I put my hand to the side of his snout and rubbed his muzzle. He started to turn away at length. I brought it back and dug my hands around his lips. His jaw was shut and I moved my feet behind me and leaned forward. I looked and his muzzle and made it open slightly wide. Cardia squirmed but he didn't move to get up and his mouth stayed open the same. I moved back on top of him with legs on both sides just below his belly.

"Your stomach priviledges are now given to me. For now, your stomach will be exposed," I told him and he went wide eyed whimpering and I relaxed his mouth, throat, and the opening to his stomach muscles. I came down over top of his belly and gripped both sides of his head. I stared back into his mouth and cleanly saw the back of his throat.

"Awww, yes. Now you come over here and sit down on his right," I said to my writing part and dissolved his shackles. Silently he joined me.

"Oh, Oh," cardia started to mouth thorough his numbed relaxed throat and mouth.

"Just be thankful I don't start bloating you out this second," I told cardia plucking a cherry out of thin air and roling it back into his throat, tilting his head back. I let it fall into his throat before commanding his throat muscles to act to take it down. All the while cardia squirmed until I let his throat pull the food down.

"Now, let me see how to start," I said zealously rubbing my chin.
"You don't have to be so mean to us," my writing part said softly.
"you uffed gec algangee," Cardia mouthed.

"Ah, I did stuff you already didn't I. Yes, it would be a shame to do it. Not laying down I mean. Get up," I told him and got off him and he moaned but stood up. I brought the shackles on and lifted him offf the ground with arms above and below wit his feet he was mostly stretched out. I did the same to my writing part. I took a cream puff, or a yellow ball of pastry filled with sweet icing and popped it into my writing part's mouth and he chewed on it happily. I took a bag of marbles from under the mahogany end table to the left of the tv and tilted cardia's head up. He moaned closng his eys but obeyed. I deposited the clinking marble mass carefully down his throat but increased the pace. I gave the bag to sophie as she came closer to inspect and gave a large puff ball to my writing part's mouth.

Sko started to speak. I glared at him and he backed away his hands held out in peace. I turned back to Cardia and relaxyed to him, "Yes, you will remember marbles from before but I wanted to hear how they clink down inside."

I handed another cream puff into my writing part's mouth. He devoured it quickly so I put my hands on my hips looking at him. I made a bite sized chocolate chip cookie drift into his mouth. He crunched on that whiel I lowered cardia down a little bit and bad sophie over closer to Cardia.

I leant over and bade sophie continue. She poured the marbles down into his gullet slowly while I listened shivering as each marble clanked against the marbles already inside as they dropped in.

"All done," Sophie announced.

I made the shackles on Cardia disappear and releasing his mouth, throat, and cardia.

"Oh no, please give me a chance to redeem myself," Cardia pleaded wide eyed clutching his belly.

I released my writing part and turned to him, handing him a melon sized cream puff and remarked," That goes for you too.

"I know what you want to do," Sko said.

"What, I'm worried," my writing part timidly asked.

"Turn around," I said to him and he spun around. A mirror match of me had appeared grinning. He grabbed a cream puff out of the air of similar size and shape to the one I gave my writing part and chomped on it.

"What?" My writing part exclaimed in strict confusion turning slightly around towards me. The mirror match there tapped my writing part on the shoulder until he turned back to face him.

"I'm Wri," the mirror match of me reported, putting his hands to his hips.

Cardia looked over at Sko and at Wri in turn as they were both a mirror match of me.

Wri put her hands on my writing part's shoulders and leaned into him with her mouth opened.

Silver Stream Memory 13


4 February 2020 at 01:55:34 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.

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