Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 5 by cardiajohnscott

Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 5

I will describe the remainder of my apartment outright. I was in the living room. I looked around at the walls and there by the TV were three pictures near it of my mom, sister, and my niece and I. Then the cross higher up on the wall. Then to the left a game poster. There was a tree in the back right corner facing the apartment's right door. The door was having another poster up on the wall next to it, then the HDI certificate and another game poster next to the fake tree. Then to the right of the TV before the corner upon the wall were the TV before the corner upon the wall were two certificates and one of them being my college degree. The next part was my ITIL class completion certificate. This was not the only certificate as I had one of those on the wall in my bedroom for my minister ordination above the mesh laundry sorter.

Over on the left wall of the door was two pictures depicting coca cola old country stores and old time photos. There was also a game poster to the right of the plant I forgot about as well.
I turned toward the archway and into the kitchen I headed. It was an archway that was cut at a diagonal on one side before the kitchen was the utility room that housed my water heater and furnace as well as my extra plastic bags and my mom and bucket. The Kitchen had my table in it. It was a brown table with two flaps to extend its size. It had two chairs and a blue cushioned stool. On top of it was a napkin holder and various junk including Sophie’s cat food. Then, to the left was the garbage can and cardboard trash next to it. Then a black plastic tube shelf and which had various assortments of kitchen utilities and odds and ends like duct tape. There was a sandwich maker and a popcorn air popper and such other things. There was a hard plastic utility table next to it with a bag for recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles between it and the shelf. Then there were various stuff on the top of the hard plastic table such as an old plastic container with tortilla chips on it. There were also material placemats there.

The tray of white was next to it. This tray table was foldable and could scoot under chairs. Then next to it was the door out to the balcony which was a sliding door with vertical blinds on it. The American USA flag was hanging on the wall next to the door on the right side. Following that on the floor was a box of applesauce cups and raisin bran cereal followed by the cat's bowls and drinking fountain. Then the window up on the wall. The window had venetian blinds. Next to that was the refrigerator that started the new wall.

The cupboards were above the refrigerator. The refrigerator itself was yellow. Then the cupboards went to the right and the wall turned to the right to house the store next to the wall and below the large cupboard above the hood. The cupboards went back left becoming larger and the largest next to the sink and refrigerator. There, next to the sink the cupboard shrunk a little bit and then to the corner cupboard that went back in if you opened and reached into it. The sink had a cupboard below it. Then next to the sink were the dishwasher and a compartment small thin cupboard for cookie sheets on the level next to the sink before the cupboard and refrigerator I had the glass cookie sheet which was also a type of glass cutting board. Then skipping the sink the metal paper towel holder followed by the toaster and George Forman grill with a spice rack behind then the microwave was in the corner before coming to the stove top.

The kitchen itself was an off light brown are different than the painted white walls of the rest of the apartment. It did have the same carpet of the living room. Then, it had my true name with sword stacked on top of it hat rack in the corner near the door. Then above the trash can was my English IV high school award followed by three calendars below it. The wall beside the utility closet had a metal leaf relief piece of art. Underneath the cupboard but above the sink on the wall were three small paintings of fruit.

I moved over to the sliding door and opened it up. Sophie came running into the room and went outside. The balcony outside was in the corner and had a regular hard plastic and metal lounge chair and a regular lawn chair in the same blue and white plastic on metal. The outside was brownish and outside the corner of the wall of the sliding door and up was an outside light. Then on the opposite wall of the balcony was the window to the bedroom. Sophie stood at the balcony looking down and the balcony had a banister of small skinny planks offset by a space. This was a little light brown wooden color. Sophie started to lift herself over the banister and I went over and stopped her.

"What?" She protested.

I looked at her seriously, "I'm not going to help you should you fall down off there. Why don't you use the front door like regular creatures?"

"The front door?" Sophie asked.

"Yes, here let's go back inside," I told Sophie gesturing toward the door.

We proceeded toward the front door through the kitchen and through the living room. I opened the front door into the landing outside of the apartment. There was a child's gate in the doorway. I gestured out. Sophie came over and stepped over the child's gate and stood outside the door slightly looking back at me. Outside the door and to the left was another closed brown doorway to the other side of the apartment building and before a low wall started a staircase. Sophie was gone down it. I stepped over the gate and glanced over the small wall and saw Sophie get to the landing in front of the window down the stairs and start on the next set further down. I stepped out of the apartment followed by Cardia, Sko, and my writing part. I mounted the stairs covered in an off brown and red mesh design that also came up to my front door and dividing the door.

I darted around and down the first set of stairs and turned around at the first landing and looked down. There down the next set and through the open diving door I saw Sophie disappear down the stairs there. I went down the next stairs and onto the landing. The stairs continued down to the back right there. To my left, there was the next apartment. I proceeded over the landing and into the back section of the apartment through the dividing door. The next landing had an apartment door on the right and stairs that went back up and across the way to the right and after the apartment door there were the stairs that went down. The back door was there and Sophie was pressed up against it, her tail twitching back and forth as she looked outside. I descended the stairs and came up to her.

"Oooo," Sophie murred as a bird came by.

"Do you know you can go farther on?" I asked Sophie, ignoring Cardia.

She looked back at me, her eyes wide. My writing part came behind me and spoke to Sophie, "Just push it open."

Sophie reached a paw forward and pushed hard. The door moved open with a dull metal clanked. Sophie didn't move and the door swung back closed. I chuckled and placed a hand on the door and pushed it open holding it there. Sophie pressed on with a gleeful mur and I followed her on to the back porch. She stood at the end looking around reserved and eventually darted to a tree, looking up it as a bird flew to its branches. She had run across the parking lot to the tree just inside the short entryway to the street. A fellow human tenant had exited a car and was standing there struck watching Sophie. Then after a few moments of staring she curtly went past us and into the building. Sophie had started to make a hasty climb up the tree as I saw a squirrel out on one of the branches.

I saw Sophie's belly peak through the tree leaves followed by her and jiggle as she moved around.

Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 5


3 January 2020 at 14:10:50 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.