Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 4 and 2 by cardiajohnscott

Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 4 and 2

He went wide eyed a few times and looked to space out. I gestured for him to come closer and he more so slid forward throwing his hands up.

"If you know what's good for you you'll do it. If you don't we're going to have more fun than I originally planned to be sure," I told him.

"Do you realize the reputation you're going to ruin for me?!" Cardia interjected.

"Oh my god," Sko said shaking his head for side to side.

"C'mon," my writing counterpart seethingly emitted putting a hand to his forehead and leaning forward on it disappointed.

"You're going to do it. And we're going to have some happy time for the both of us later to loosen your nerves," I said smiling.

He cracked a small smile as I place a hand fully on his belly.

"Why must I?..." Cardia protested but I held up my hand.

"No I didn't Ias. I kept it to your specifications. I did everything just as you asked," Cardia interrupted.

I swayed my head from side to side and then said, "You did not! I implored you a few times to bring it back here but you turned a deaf ear. Now, the next part."

"There's more?" Cardia murred agape.

"Listen. You're already in enough hot water already. You'll do as you're told. I won't let it be any other way. We are going to be at war with quite a few after we are done."

"That's it?" Cardia asked.

I smiled, "That's it . . . for now."

Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 4 and 2


3 January 2020 at 12:12:47 MST

The Book of Particles started as a story journal that mixed things from my real life in with the continuation from Hail Primus. I gleaned some of the more personal details from these sagas and left more of the fictional story content. I call them memories.

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