Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 2 by cardiajohnscott

Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 2

We stood in my bedroom in my apartment where I myself was sitting writing. It was a fair sized room. Toward the door on one wall was the L shaped desk topped with a bunch of clutter. It housed my computer monitor, printer and the units below the longer side of the L shape. The bed was queen sized next to the L shape long side. It was topped with bed sheets and bedcovers all blue and several pillows along the wall of the door side out of the room. The bed itself was at the foot of a double window, the wall on the right side of the room if facing the door. Then on the other side of the room at the foot of the bed is a dresser with a TV at the top of it. Then the closet that had a metal fold out door. The next part to that was a book stand, not really full of books between the one closet and a separate closet.

The L Shaped desk at the end of the long side pointed toward the middle of the separation between the two closets. There was a garbage bin at the foot of the L shaped desks end. The other closet was similar to the first with its double folding metal doors. Then of the left wall when facing the door at the far end close to the closet was a clothes sorting rack with three spaces for the mesh bags. Then various junk on the floor, and out of commission computer, two fans and a paper shredder toward the door and another similar bookshelf there.

The room was white and did not have much hung on the wall except a mirror at the wall opposite the door wall and above the bookstand. It was a white wooden mirror with a ledge in front but had wood crossing into he middle like a window. The carpet was yellowish but of a brown yellow.
My own self sat there in front of the computer writing in a black binder with a fountain pen. He was a mirror match in every aspect and wore a dark green shirt and blue jeans. He sat in a big backed black executive’s chair.

I came up and put a hand on the chair back and said to him with an earnest but anxious smile.

Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 2


1 January 2020 at 05:08:08 MST

One of the continuations from Hail Primus into the primordial silver stream paradise called the Book of Particles.

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