Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 1 by cardiajohnscott

Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 1

Silver Stream

The Silver Stream was an endless sea of silver. If you would stand on it you would not sink into it unless you weren't a worthy creature. If you would look up you would see a blue sky amidst puzzle shaped clouds and those being their own various puzzle shapes.

The floor of the silver stream was natural liquid silver that reflected the sky and went on all around flat and unmoving to meet the horizon in the far distance. The temperature was a warm 80 degrees and the air was calm. It was always bright there.

The silvery liquid would respond to your will and desire and make anything as real or inanimate as wanted. At one moment, I make the mountains. At another moment, I make a crystal clear blue lake surrounded by trees that sway in the wind, the wind causing small random places to ripple about the lake.

Here I was at the moment savoring the tranquility and serenity I felt at this scene. Sidge, Nellms, Elaejia, Eckstal, Redalis, Vigaush. All of them, I brought here from the places they were before despite their protests. I didn't bring some though, just a few from Primeon.
They had taken to the silver stream openly though reserved at first in my view. They could make what they want and go do what they want. Redalis, for example, made a bunch of tunnels under a forest they crawl through. Sidge made himself a temple and had worshippers bring him food. I reflected how his mind thought and I wanted to try that myself as well. Vigaush took to flying among endless mountains and their trails. Eckstal was reading an endless supply of books. Gesh was working at a forge of endless metals of the finest quality. Nellms and Elaejia were situated in the middle of a pile of pillows situated in the middle of a pile of pillows lounging there. Debacho hovered above the stream and meditated. He was contented with just making it move or dance in the shape of small creatures or crest up in various designs.

I reflected they had only broken the surface of this place. I knew there was much more they could get into and I knew they would. The silver stream was a perpetual paradise to any regular form but to me it was a staging ground and a command center.

They came to me, Sidge and the others though from time to time to talk. They had at least discovered that linearly. Typically I would drop the scene splashing or smoothly combining back into the silver stream. I would then raise a portion of it into a small dome justification. It would rise up into a silvery shape but I would color that shape a pale white cream orange to human skin. I would make it the consistency of a human belly soft and pillowy and cushy. It would have a belly button in the center that would open to lead directly to a stomach. The whole structure was a stomach under pillowy goodness that I loved and it was very warm and I had it give off an aura of smooth calm pleasure the closer to the belly button and ummm further inside one got. I didn't give it an odor of particular scent. I didn't see how it needed it. I did allow the gurgles and any sloshing and any other internet sounds to be prevalent outside.

I summoned Sko and had him stand before me on my belly throne as I called it. I had positioned myself on all fours overtop of the belly button, opening my own belly down.

The belly throne fell back down melting into the stream. The whole stream then dropped out shooting down until we were free falling into the air toward it. The wind and air braced up and sheared off us making a whirl and whistle all around. Below at the distant ground the silver stream shift changed becoming many different shapes and sizes but also surrounded itself by green flowing areas and roads of several places. We were now free falling into the south east side of a city.

We were descending now upon a light but brown triangular shaped building amidst house and a few more apartment buildings next to it. This was close to the lake of Decatur and its waters sparkled back at me. We slowed down to lightly touch down on the roof. I squatted down immediately.

Sko Commented, "Why do you care who sees you? Likely no one will care or even give attention."

"Oh well," I spoke indifferent and stood up. I hopped over the edge and floated lightly down to the back and parking lot. From here it was to the back of the neighbor’s house. The street out back met the main parking lot. The road descended one way on the Main Street and rose the other way to meet one of the main city streets down the road. The back of the building rose in three balconies to one side with he lowest of the air conditioner unit coils. Then to the left and the center from the back were a porch and the back door. Then to the left and the corner was the garbage bin was before that, a dumpster back on the lot with a line of trees. This continued along except for the opening opposite the angle for the door and continued to the small back lot of trees and stones to meet the main road that went around the front lot.

Off to the side of the three balconies on the corner was a swift drop to the next apartment lot but behind the dumpsters along the side of the building along the top of the drop to the other lot was a sidewalk that went around and to a side door. There were two sides or sets of blocks to the apartment but altogether tied together.

I went up to the back door. It was metal and glass with the view of staircases inside. Before the door were a stone and brick to prop the door open. This was set on a stone slab that was square and made the base of the porch. I reached forward and yanked the door open. It made a metal clunk.

"Isn't that a security door? You just yanked it open," Sko said wide eyed.

"Yep," I remarked sullenly.

Book of Particles: Silver Stream Memory 1


31 December 2019 at 01:04:35 MST

One of the continuations from Hail Primus into the primordial silver stream paradise called the Book of Particles.