Into the Depths Part 5 by cardiajohnscott

Into the Depths Part 5

Into the Depths Part 5

We moved into the next room, arms linked. There was a tunnel to the next room and it was pink ribbed in lining, along the tunnel. Kalae had noticed this already and was looking up at it as we stood at the two double doors. They were painted a light red and had small shatterproof glass windows which were painted over light blue to only show the semblance of light from the inside the room.
"One of my favorites. This goes right along with eating and growing bigger," I said cheerfully.
Kalae smiled warmly at me as I did back at her and grabbed the latch, opening the door. We move inside a multi color pink to red to off green room. It was darkened, and had the sounds of gurgling, groaning, and glombing all around. The room was not as large as the cafeteria and was even smaller because of the panels setup toward the corner of the room of a reddish pink. On these panels were painted pictures in a J shape spaced with red and pinkish red paper. The room had a mixture of blue lights and some spot lights. There were other moving lights that projected groups of spots along the walls. These lights moved around and back and forth.
In the center of the room was what drew my attention immediately. An assortment of couches and some large easy chairs were set there, all reddish pink. There were many human and some anthropomorphic furry creatures sitting or standing about them. Some of them were skinny, some of them were out of proportions on their belly sizes. The majority of the ones that had oversized bellies had them in odd shapes, sometimes even showing a hand or a some inner justification outward that would suddenly dissappear.
I watched them and Kalae was still looking around. She looked toward the center as I watched her. She suddenly went wide eyed and tilted her head to one side. I moved a few steps further till we were past the line parallel with the partitions. She unlinked her arm with mine and watched what was happening in the center of the room with full interest.
As we watched, a furry brown pudgy human sized fox, standing on it's hind legs casually stepped up between a few of the oversized and regular furs already there. He stepped up to a white and black blotched human sized floppy earred basset hound and put a paw to the side of his muzzle. The creatures was standing and sat down on a nearby empty sofa. I smiled at this. Kalae still looked on tilting her head to the other side, her mouth slightly open.
The fox jumped up over the dog. The dog opened his mouth and the fox landed with his feet together into the dogs mouth, going into his throat, as it bulged out. Then up to his hips where he stopped as they were a little too large for the mouth of the dog. The fox layed back looking up his toungue hanging out of his mouth and a broad smile on his face. The dog reached up his paws and pulled onto the fox to get him in further. It worked up to his belly. The dog grabbed his belly with both paws caressing it and gave an audible groan and got himself off the couch onto his knees. The dog pulled more and flexed himself forward jutting his belly out and got onto all fours, his eyes rolled to the back of his head.
The fox had slid further up to his shoulders. He stretched his arms out smugly smiling and glanced down at the dog before looking back up, his mouth now open as he moved side to side with an ooooo. The dog's belly was starting to bulge out as the fox was being compacted inside. The basset hound put one hand to the side of his belly and upended the fox licking him around the face with his toungue until he slid up past his head.
The fox was sliding further in and the dog was erect and poised up on all fours shaking slightly, his eyes closed. The fox's arms eventually dissappeared into the dog's mouth at which point the Basset Hound closed it. The Basset hounds belly was lopsided and had several dimples and pushed out round pounds making the surface of it look visible uneven. The dog made a drawn out whimper, gripping his belly with both paws as his belly started shifting and moving from the fox inside of him.
"Wow, I wish I was inside of that," I mused aloud.
Kalae glared at me and turned around saying, "There's no way. No way you're going to get me to like this stuff."
"Well, only if you're okay with it. I'd love it if you liked it. Depends on how far you want to do and we're pretty well inside now,
She turned to me strictly a finger pointing straight at me as she bent slightly toward me, "Never, I'm not okay with it. Now take me back now."

Truely unfortunate, our hero comes to this pivotal moment and it appears that he has failed. Or like in Casablanca he might say, "Last night we said a great many things. You said I was to do the thinking for both of us. Well, I've done a lot of it since then, and it all adds up to one thing: you're getting on that plane with [him] where you belong." Has he failed?
Does she get on that plane or does she stay to go through another room? I don't expect her to go this far, but maybe she did. Say tuned to the next part to find out. How deep will you go?

Into the Depths Part 5


30 December 2019 at 03:32:22 MST

Older Writing from the Past. Fat furry vore content. This is the fifth part of a story that I wrote to someone I was dating at the time to let her know how I was through writing.

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