Into the Depths Part 4 by cardiajohnscott

Into the Depths Part 4

Into the Depths Part 4

Kalae linked arms with me and I opened the door and proceeded into the next room. It was a long cafeteria with round metal tables with white tablecloths on the top and white cushioned metal framed chairs all around each of them, flanking the twenty one tables in rows of three until the far end. The floor was marble. There were chandaliers hanging from the top of the marble. The walls had many designs of food painted on their surface, all around.
On the left side was a buffet with generous helping of many types of foots said in pans into the buffet line and finally ending at a soda fountain at the far end of it.
The cafeteria had many anthro creatures of many types of species, both chubby and skinny. They sat at the tables eating away at plates piled high or stood in line adding food to building piles on their plates.
"Here is the cafeteria," I said moving my arm and hand in a sweeping motion at the room.
"Yes, but what does this have to do with your depths? Everyone likes a buffet," She remarked to me.
I sat down at the nearest table and she followed the same. A tiger striped anthro cat brought me over a whole italian loaf of bread and butter. I settled to tearing a generous piece and offering it to Kalae.
She waved her hand at it and asked, "You like eating?"
I smiled over buttering and munching a piece of bread, "Very much so. I admit I am gluttonous. I'm not ashamed of it. I love the food. Look at that couple there."
Kalae looked over at two black and white blotch furred bovines, guy and girl, sitting at the table there. They were both very fat wheras they had to site back to allow room for their drooping round bellies. and were eating plates piled very high. I patted my own belly and tore off another piece of bread to munch on looking fully at Kalae with a slight smile.
"I like to be fat and I like fat on others," I told her.
"Ah," Kalae said at length, her expression blank.
"I especially like a big paunch. I like putting on weight," I told her sitting back continuing to munch on the bread, after clearing a bit of butter that stuck to one of my whiskers with a finger and licking it off of the furred fingertip.
"Mmmhmmm...," Kalae emitted looking away from the table at everyone else, putting a hand to her mane.
"Yep," I said feeling awkward.
"So, you like this stuff. You know how bad it is for you. You'd do good to watch yourself," Kalae said blankly again looking the other way.
"You don't like this part of me," I asked Kalae a bit dissapointed.
"I don't think this is really you,"
"You wanna bet? It's me alright. I'm not doing it constantly every minute of my waking life but this is a part of me. I've accepted it and I'm okay with it. Don't you see?"
"I'm sorry. I like to eat but not like this," Kalae said and the room blurred before us and unblurred. We were standing back in front of the door in the hallway at the beginning of it all.
"Well, I guess we can just be friends then?" I stated grinning again.

Is that really how it went? Well, next time we'll go on considering she was okay with that aspect of me or maybe liked it. Will we go onward into the next room even?

Into the Depths Part 4


30 December 2019 at 03:22:33 MST

Older Writing from the Past. Fat furry content. This is the fourth part of a story that I wrote to someone I was dating at the time to let her know how I was through writing.

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