Into the Depths Part 3 by cardiajohnscott

Into the Depths Part 3

Into the Depths Part 3

Initiating Battle Engine...
Battle Engine Initiated...
She took my hand and we descended down the first set of stone stairs. The stairs were enclosed in between square pale stone walls on each side. There were railings of painted yellow metal toward the center over a center that we could see the bottom from. At each landing, there was a few flourescent lights hanging making the steps adequately illuminated.
We continued on, turning around to descend the next set but at the platform at the bottom of the next set there was my mirror image. It was a jackalope, brown furred and was mirror matched to me. I stood in front of Kalae and stopped.
"Sko?" I said to him smiling.
"How? He looks just like you," Kalae said.
I descended the staircase toward him as Kalae slowly descended the staircase. Sko moved to block my way saying, "Nope."
"Oh, so it has to be like that does it?" I said zealously. I brought my hands back and built up light energy on it. Sko did the same on his Jackalope paws.
I struck out as he did and with a thunderous boom and a bright flash of light we repelled each other. I saw Kalae nearly fall over. Instead she fell back onto the stairs at the thunder and boom and as I looked back, Sko hit me with a similar blast knocking me down. I proceeded to foot sweep him and brought him off balance but he caught himself hovering sideways in midair and righted himself. I pushed ground and air and came back up to standing myself.
"Kalae, you may want to go back up..." I started to say but Sko came at me with an open fist with energy at the bottom of it and flung it out at the last moment. I reached out my hand and deflected it up the stairs nearly missing Kalae.
I retaliated rushing forward and kicking out with energy at the tip of the kick. Sko caught the foot missing the energy tip and turned me over to a seat on the ground again.
"You're losing," Sko laughed.
"You sure of that?!" I said blasting forward grabbing him at the neck and lifting him up kicking and screaming. I took him down slamming him into the floor. He went limp after and moved no more.
"You killed him?" Kalae said choked. She had retreated back to the first landing up the stairs.
"Nope," I said as he planted his hands on the ground and flew up to a standing position again appearing unharmed.
"No Kalae," He said.
"He sounds like you too," Kalae remarked and came down the stairs a few steps.
"Do you want to face him next?" I asked looking up at Kalae.
"No, that wouldn't be very nice," She said hesitating on the steps.
"You want to leave us?" Sko said to me.
"Not at all," I told Sko.
"Why do you have her?" Sko said motioning at Kalae.
I looked back up at her with a smile, "I was hoping to tell you another time."
Sko laughed outright, "You can't keep any secret from me, you know."
"Of course. Shall we continue," I said to Sko and charged at him with a hand outstretched, and pinned him against the far wall with it. I brought another hand back to punch and dodged a kick from him. He tried to struggle over my hand but I kept a wise distance. He fought my hand but could not move it.
"No fair," He said with a grunt.
I brought my hand back and brought Light energy onto it. I then pounded him several times enveloping him with it, each blow thunderous, until there was nothing left but a few stuck white embers sizzling on the wall where he once was. I released my hold on the wall and turned to Kalae.
"Shall we go on now," I said to her.
She slowly came bown the stairs and nodded. I outstretched my hand and she balked for a few seconds before retaking it. We continued down a few more flights of stairs until we hit the small square bottom of it and stood before a white cream white colored door.
"Through here, there are several areas each. So should we link arms and continue," I said outstretching my arm toward her, my hand on the silver metal round door knob.

Into the Depths Part 3


30 December 2019 at 03:12:20 MST

Older Writing from the Past. This is the third part of a story that I wrote to someone I was dating at the time to let her know how I was through writing.

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