Into the Depths Part 1 by cardiajohnscott

Into the Depths Part 1

Into the Depths Part 1

I was given the power and the power was given to me. That whenever I would write about it, that it would come true in a way in time.
"Kalae Motyohaers to the front fore," Sko announced as the yellow haired light furred anthro-horse came tramping forward up the aisle to the table I sat at in the small cafeteria. She sat down and gazed at me.
"Hi Katie, how do you like it, this place, the Compound Jayvenex?" I said to her.
"It's awesome! There's a bunch of floors. I wouldn't know where to go. It's making me tired," She said earnestly.
"I'll bet. But you haven't seen anything yet," I said standing up and we left the cafeteria and went down the hall between doors to offices and other rooms. I then stopped and turned to her smiling as we came to a four way junction with a few plants set on the corners and a few benches. I turned back around and to the right orienting on a southerly direction.
"Where are we going?" She said at length.
"Into the depths," I said, my speech drawn out calmly.
After a few ways down the hall, I opened a door and stepped into a darkness.
"Hey where are you going?!" She called hesistating by the light in the hallway and the doorway.
"Downstairs," I said waving her to come along but waiting for her.
I tuned into her thoughts and she was reserved aprehensive for taking a step into the darkness. Eventually she did, running up till she was right beside me and stopping there.
"It's up and around and down," I told her motioning up and swooping my hand back down.
"Where are we going?" She said jittery.
"Don't worry. I'm going to let you know about me the fast way," I told her.
She gave a snort, "Oh, I thought I said I wanted to know about you. I didn't mean everything in one second."
"Oh you didn't." I said and made light blare in the room.
Katie brought her hands and arms to her face against the newfound light, "Ahhhh!"
"Sorry. Well that ends it then. We'll do it gradually. But I may not be able to bring you to these depths again,"
"Why not?" She said but I looked toward the door and looked at her for a few moments.
"What?" she protested.
I motioned my head and antlers toward the door giving a slight smile, "Go on, lead the way."
She turned and went ahead of me and I followed her out. That was the end of it.

But is it? Here's what would have happened should she have decided to go on...

Into the Depths Part 1


30 December 2019 at 03:01:23 MST

Older Writing from the Past. This is the first part of a story that I wrote to someone I was dating at the time to let her know how I was through writing.

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