A Bit of a Touch Up by cardiajohnscott

A Bit of a Touch Up

Part 5

"Demons..." Sko suddenly said making me jump.

"What?" I asked with a slight uneasy smile on me and I turned around and my smile vanished and my heart dropped out of my body as Sko had assumed a dark misty shadow in the light. A typical demon form.

"Am I a demon? It's what you fear isn't it?" Sko rasped.

I looked at the shade for a moment then I realized that this was his own doing so I smiled heartily and said, "Behemoth is a demon. No, I don't mind demons. I told you you could assume anything you want."

I turned away and sighed and continued to work on the wall where upon after a few minutes Sko said from behind me "Don't worry, I don't need anything. I will stay with you till I am no longer able."

I looked over my shoulder and saw he was back in his previous form.

"Thanks," I said looking back to my work.

We finished the skyroom after to what my guess seemed to be an hour. There was a large stone boulder blocking the way up but we removed it and the night sky opened up above us and soon we were at the top of the mountain at the top of the battlements of the tower ring. The view was breathtaking to me, expanding in all directions as a sea of clouds nearest the mountain ringing the base some ways below and finally ending in a sea of green.

Then from the clouds shot a dark patch which ascended up straight for the tower. I immediately ducked and it flew right overhead and off the other way.

"What is it Sko?!" I said.

Sko looked at it as it came closer then as it made another close brush with the tower Sko said, "You know that boulder we destroyed?"

I felt my limbs go cold, "Oh no! It had a nest atop it."

"Yep," Sko replied.

I jumped into the hole and enjoyed the fast freefall, alighting just as I reached the bottom settling gently down.

Sko joined me soon after, "I put the boulder and nest back."

I sighed relief, "Thanks Sko, and for the foresight. Ugh. What next? North South West or East passages?"

"How about we go to the entrance and repair the doors and passage tunnel there?" Sko suggested.

"Ah... Good idea," I said, though I was starting to feel tedium at the task.

We made our way, opening the newly repaired south doorway. There, were met by a creature that was one of those large rodents but it squeaked and ran the way into the tunnel and hid behind one of the stone piles. I slowly moved on and to the stone piles and saw a hole near it. I tapped the rubble on both sides and it vanished so I turned my attention to the state of the stone bricked tunnel covered in grime and tarnished, bits of white did show through but I was only worried about the broken and crumbling parts for now.

"We have no need to repair the hole at the bottom," I told Sko.

"Only the damaged parts." Sko said.

"Don't cover up any holes up above or anywhere here. Next will be the doors and only to repair hinges, door, and the outer frame in such a way all down the tunnel until the stone passageway ends," I explained.

We set to work repairing the crumbling passageway and the gates.

Ere we got through the inner gate the Dragon Gryphon swooped at us again. We backed into the section before the main entrance and repaired that instead of going on.

"I don't want to upset the animals that are already here," I said to Sko.

"Maybe if we go invisible we can repair around it. There must be a nest or the thing is protecting it's home," Sko replied and I nodded so we went invisible the rest of the way repairing the first gate and the tunnel between it and the inner gate.

As we moved up the tunnel toward the entrance, I could hear thunder echoing outside, "It's a good thing we're inside."

We finished the tunnel and returned to the Skyroom.

A Bit of a Touch Up


27 September 2019 at 20:22:49 MDT

This is essentially the first chapter of Hail Primus, broken down into parts. I did this because I abandoned Hail Primus and didn't use the remaining 14 chapters of Hail Primus in any continuation except when I specifically reintroduced in furture writings as something seperate. This is the Book of Particles: Pranoke Edition, Part V.

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