Utopari and Inskirus Prolouge by cardiajohnscott

Utopari and Inskirus Prolouge

Prolouge of Utopari

I came walking down the asphault road through a line of trees between a few houses down a hill in the road and to a three way junction. At the three way junction was a stop sign and trees to the left and up the road following the left until breaking here and there in a few driveways. The opposite side near the intersection was a field of grass and overgrown growth, then a few houses, one blue, one yellow sided and then on with a few more houses. Then, taking the right road, next to it on the field to the left was the back rectangle of a back of stores. Then up the road just to the right was a block of stores, one a printing store and then an intersection with stop lights there. The sky was stagnant gray and did not move at all but there was adequate light of a muffled daytime in a stagnant air. Truly, there was nothing happening here and it appeared to me to be frozen landscape but not by ice or winter as it was a warm temperature. I took the right path and went down to the four way intersection paved in concreteand when I got there the road to the right went off to make a larger concrete road and passed in between the trees and brushlines and there were houses mixed in the trees to either side up the hill and over. Then to the left concrete road it went in between buildings of stores and services, even an old shadow of a gas station. Which, there was a full car gas station across the road and to the right taking the road ahead. It had the sign of Bokery and had the prices of gas displayed there. It was a concrete and asphault flat. It had mulch on pallets to one side and a car wash on the other across the four double sided pumps underneath an ceiling of an rain and weather shield above which had lights set in it.

I went over on the sidewalk in front of the store in front of a few stacks of firewood for sale next to the windshield washer fluid and looked inside but there was no one. I looked around and there was no cars on the roads, no living anything, not even the chirps of birds or the whirr of wind. I called out, "Sko!" Nothing happened to my call and my voice echoed and then was gone.

"Sko, come here a moment. Sko appear," I said aloud again and again was only met by an echo.

"I guess I'll have to do it from the beginning. Construct Level 0 Sorcerer Masprit Sko target here, now, two footlengths in front of current position," I said aloud again.

There was a shimmer in the air in front of me and an outline of the shimmer formed and then filled in features and arms, legs, hands, and head until I had a same size replica of myself. I looked at him and saw he wore a red and gold embroidered robe over orangish pink skin he was fat and had a round face, chubby cheeks, brown hair. His forehead was broad, he had a medium nose, and thick neck. His eyes were brown, and his eye brows were slightly thick. His mouth wasn't large but was mid sized. His arms and hands were chubby, his shoulders were mid broad but his chest was mid sized. Then I looked down his robe seeing his belly which patruded into the robe and then looked down to his thighs he was chubby and down till below his knees where the fat became scarce, to his feet that about made the standard foot length in length itself as he wore.

He had the complexion of a distant person but came back to look at me and smile and say, "Here we are! We are working from your memory?"

"I thought we should have a point of reference. I used this one from my old life. Let's go inside the gas station if we can," I said and went to the double glass doors. They were open so I went inside of them. The light were on in the general store and in the various fixtures but no-one was there to mind it even though there was a beep to alert the store attendent we were there. We went about and looked around. It was a long rectangle inside set with stands of food in bags or wrapped up. In the middle was a round open cooler with sandwiche in it. Along the back left and a little into the left wall were coolers. They were stocked from beer to milk to other sandwiches and soda pop. The far right side had a glass enclave of the main counter and then the cashiers booth. The shelves in the middle were stocked with food items from chips to motor oil for one's car.

I went up to and put my hands up back on and leaned up against the round sandwich cooler's edges and looked back at Sko. He stood there looking me over and then went about to looking out the front of the store through the wide windows there.

"What are we doing here?" Sko asked at length and came over to stand beside me.

"This is our Heaven, if you would call it that. We will stage and plan and around here," I told Sko.

"That's bound to get boring for some that want some action," Sko remarked.

"Action, are you kidding Sko? Whatever action we could want we can make here," I said to Sko.

"Yeah, but your action is not the same as your creations," Sko put out shrugging.

"This is supposed to be a place where everything can exist together and seperate at the same time. They can do what they want. It is really up to them whatever they want to keep going. I can't promise anything other than a base. Otherwise, I would like to do many things, so many this might be appreciated by them," I explained to Sko.

"What should we do first then? If it's what I'm thinking?" Sko quizzed smugly.

"I have experiences on my list for another time. Sex and romance can get dull doing it all the time. Hobbies and occupations. How I would like to do the sex and romance thing and fulfill things I'd not done in my previous life my dear Sko, buuuuttttt not starting out. First is first, we need to establish ourselves here, and I will make the Elder Gods. Then, I will talk about this place and make sure the core settles," I emitted to Sko.

I turned away from him and went to the door, opening it, I went to the sidewalk and stopped. I raised my hands and said," Contruct Ultin Elder Master Power, here and now, two steps from my position. Constructe Ultin Elder Master Dream, here and now, two steps from my postion. Constructe Ultin Elder Master Dream, here and now, two steps from my postion. Constructe Ultin Elder Master Explore, here and now, two steps from my postion. Constructe Ultin Elder Master All, here and now, two steps from my postion. Relate relevant templates to grid align point of one."

There were four shimmers and like Sko, forms came out of them. Lord Power, a red haired sturdy well built man in a red shirt and trousers. Lady Dream, a dark haired woman dressed in a blue light fabric dress. Lady Explore, a brown haired woman dressed in a green dress. Then Lord All, a blonde haired man in a black overcoat over a black shirt and black trousers.

"Welcome to Eternity, all. Here we are," I said to them stretching my hands out toward them.

"This is it?" Lady Explore said outright with a grimace.

"It's so surreal. I'm glad we're here now to finally be in all of this," Dream said looking around bemused.

"What is it?" Lord All asked.

"This is the particle spheres all shaped into seperate planes, one spherical piece of existance contained within each. If we go far enough toward any direction we won't be able to go further. I had this idea to shape the worlds like this, but I had never tried it out until now. I can attach places to other Sphere's and places I created. Watch?" I told them.

I turned toward the westerly side and said, "Attach west west west to Inskirus the Inskirus fortress particle sphere."

"Ah a fortress. I was hoping we would go to something grander," Lord Power said with smug zeal as I watched a curving invisible line in the air and terrain to the direct west shimmer for a few moments and settle.

"Yes, we are going to go many places but especialy there soon but I will have to recreate you there," I confessed to them.

"Why?" Lord Power asked bringing his eyebrows down.

"Each sphere is it's own place and seperate existence," I answered.

"So we just can't teleport or jump over?" Lady Explore asked.

"I wish you would give us the ability to skip to the other spheres," Lord All said.

"I don't want to right yet, the creative bits and essence I constructed these spheres with only lets me create you one by one inside each sphere. I started it this way because it was the best I could do in such a quick time. What is here is what you get here in this sphere?" I explained.

"All's we get is a Gas station. I think I'm going to crave more, what about you sis'?" Lady Explore admitted crossing her arms in front of her.

I laughed and Lady Dream smiled back and sat down on the curbside in front of the Gas Station, "I don't mind. I could do a lot with this sphere. Besides, there's more than the gas station."

I sat down beside her, "I leave it to you to talk it over with your brothers and sisters. These bits and pieces I actually created from a city I used to live it. This is one of those parts."

"Literally though, Itheone, aren't we going to leave this to the individuals and creations, though, that are afforded to it," Sko asked me.

"Yes of course, thank you for pointing that out. This can be remade, Lady Dream, however you want it but unless you want it or to start on your own place," I told her.

"Yes, I will still take it and make it how I want," Lady Dream said smiling.

"If you are all in agreement," I asked the remainder.

Power, Explore, and All looked at each other and Explore nodded to me so I presented Lady Dream with a glass orb of silver liquid. She took this and it immediately shined and enveloped her leaving and vanished on her leaving no trace of the orb or the light on her. She got up and nodded to me grinning more.

"Then, we are to go on to the fortress," Sko said.

"Always with the fortresses. Yes. In a moment. When we get to the fortress, it is going to appear as stagnant as this place is. Until this place is fully engaged as a fully functioning realm. Hold on a moment and let me think," I told Sko and sat down staring at the concrete and then at the pumps and then ahead and at the sky. I eventually looked at Dream.

She blinked and smiled unsure and asked, "What?"

"I decided it will be all part of the primordial silver stream to connect to the the low core functioning universe. I like the particle sphere but I originally intended it to be heaven-like," I explained to her.

"You're changing your mind. Well, then what will this place be?" Explore asked.

"I have plans to call this place Inskirus, right Sko?" I asked the Masprit.

"Sounds like something bigger than it is?" Sko responded.

"That's right, Sko, it's just going to be partially a city and partially just a hub for the the silver stream and a central point," I reported.

"What if I want to create my own place?" All pointed out.

"Yes, you can. I would like you to use this space but you can make your own space. Just please give the fortress a chance every now and then," I responded.

"I second Lord All. I will probably make seperate places," Lady Explore told me.

I nodded and turned to Lord Power and Lady Dream. Lord Power said, "I will stay with your intentions for now. You too Dream?"

"Yeah, I will stay for the moment to see what we are going to do exactly with the fortress and the City," Lady Dream commented.

I went over past the pumps and to the edge of the Gas Station's lot up onto a grassy median and front lawn before the road, I raised my hands, "Alright! Combine the Silver Stream with this setup, let the Silver Stream dominate."

Everything grew bright for a moment and then settled back down to what it was before. This time though, Birds chirped along with Insects and the sky opened up to put more blues in between the clouds and the sky now moved slightly.

I turned back toward them near the gas station store, "We are merged together now. You can go anywhere you want now and do anything you want. I have my own plans though, from here on out I will go to do what I will."

Sko said, "What can we all do then?"

"You can bring anyone here, so long as they were created in Mid or Low planes of the universes existences. You can go anywhere and can create anything. You will still have the higher ability to other created creatures but if they are here they can create and go anywhere they want excep to places you don't want them to go, but please be reasonable, or I might have to override it," I told them with a smile.

Utopari and Inskirus Prolouge


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