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The Great Neo Character Hall

I have created many characters, it is my pasttime I liked to do so long ago. Now I guess it is best to keep track of them should I ever want to use them (or boast about having them)

Index Listing of Names (alphabetically):


Elephant-hippo demon, quite fat. I took this idea and makeup from a book on demonologies so it is that book I will give credit to for the image but the image is of an elephant headed hippo bodied beast (at least in his legs and pelvis) with a big hairy round human belly that in the picture he held with his huge human-like hands.
I have not really developed him other than what the book specified and that is with him being the Demon of Lust and Gluttony.

Blae Teln-
This character is derived off of Billy Hogg, specifically, a friend. Blae in my recent developments is a sort of Hermit of a Wizard who is not afraid of his dirty appearence to others from being out in wilderness and outside of mainstream civilization. He doesn't mind visitors and gets them all the time, he just chooses to live outside of the city. That sort of makes him something different than what Bill is really like.

Who the hell was christopher? Oh well... he was actually God in the form of an eagle in a story I wrote a while back. American Bald Eagle to be precise. Temperamental about who abuses the name of God, Chris won't be afraid to use Gods wrath on anyone who blasphemies him, like Satan.

Eckstal (Xtal)-
Well it is modeled after a picture of a livejournal user. Almost a dragon that looks like a cross between a fox, donkey/horse, and even a cat but with close to a horse's snout and ears yet the snout is a little smaller and the ears are a little bigger. To be more exact, it is almost like an anthropomorphic Starlite from Rainbow Bright with a blue mane and blue fur in the ears, yet it isn't too much like Starlite. I like the image of it's white fur and blue hair off the top of it's head. The image is like a warm wind wafting by on a chilly day.
I Recently developed Eckstal. Eckstal is the student of Alvin Abernous and was created by Ias. She ends up becoming the lover of Alvin himself, though, but while Alvin isn't afraid to speak his mind and fight for his beliefs, he usually thinks it through first. Eckstal is bold, saucy, rash, and defensive of herself and those others she values. Though, with those she values she tends to be overly protective of them. Whence she left Ias on Pranoke, she entered Abelbi near the city where Alvin was. She went to Alvin to become a personal student of which no one Synthician had done in many years. After following Alvin around learning off of him she does end up becoming his lover and would have become his wife though she ends up dieing in the War of Garbondego with Alvin after they are taken captive while as emissaries negotiating peace.

Yeah, Lord Falderal the demon master of the demons of nonsense, incoherance, and destruction. He came out of my fantasy mainly by being a journal name on livejournal. I fear many don't like him that I've came by online but Falderal himself wouldn't care.

Falderal Federico or Sedo Alonso Seul

Sedo Alonso Seul, "Falderal The Formless"

Falderal is quite the mystery as to what exactly he is and where he is from.
I happen to know for a fact he lived in a small sized town in the middle of the hill land. Quiet, mysterious, rather kept to himself, cold, and manipulative. Seems I couldn't help but change him into a character of mine own creation. Seems I did the most of my old character creation offline, and very little I have done online.
Either way, as far as I'm concerned, Falderal (as he just loves to be called now a days) is still just as mysterious and manipulative when he wishes. All so abstract underneath, deep, hard to penetrate to inner feelings. Yet, in anything else, he would like to find anyone as deep and crack their code but he has suited himself to skim the surface, as well, being the surface is rather easy to scoop.
He did grow up in a hill valley town, as was established before, toward the east and mostly had a quiet life during his education picking up a few friends but since others seemed to think low feelings, due to his quietness. He didn't open up to many people so by the time he was in his late teens he found other deeper, some also creative, art endeavours to pactify the lack of friends and his own choices not to overly seek them.
One day highlights all he came to and set him severing his contact with all humanity.
He, upon traveling to another part of the great land a little west of his home found the abode of some wizard and got caught peering in at the wizard. The Wizard took him and trained him of his art in secret. He gobled it up and got into deep dark waters but before the wizard coudl coax him back he was stuck and possessed by a demond who took over, but the faintest stretch of his humanity stripping him of most ties he had to his old self.
Thus, he turned twisted and very evil, almost exonifying parts of his old personality.
He had himself some evil and dangerous laughs upsetting the balance and getting quite back at those who hated him with hatred of his own.
All was good for him, he visited a childhood dream entertaining it at first and meeting a few dragons, live ones mind you, all went well and happy was he, all for them, until one dragon witch managed to bind Some of his powers.
To date he struggled with her but lost so went into recursion finally coming back out. He tried again, but failed again. So he sits brooding and seething with the anger of revenge, trying to think of some way to wrestle the bit of powers lost from her grip.
Mellowed a little now, from the loss of the bit of his powers to her, he is still capable of doing considerable damage. Rather, the story won't be finished until it is done.

Glug Bellover-
Picture a big huge form that is one big blob shaped like a gigantic belly. This is Glug. Glug was a follower of The Belly, the God of Gluttony, and was once a human but was given an overdose of Bue Juice by The Belly and became too immobile to move. Eventually, The Belly took pity on him and

I- Sometimes referred to as I the One. Double play on words as I itself is the roman numeral for one. I is the one and only being, the ultimate being of the universe of Pelelope. In conception, he is the universe itself and is thusly as infinite and undefined as it is. The inclusion of the self reflexive pronoun in the speech and communications of all living and non-living creatures reflect reverance upon I.

Am I ever sure what Ian really is other than human? Seemingly replaced Sie (I didn't know that Sie meant hermaphrodite at the time dragon(ess)). He is supposedly the main character of The Conquest of Garbondego that I have yet to write and finish. I'd think of him though as an incarnate of Ias which is an Incarnate of me truely, yet not like me.

Ias- full name Ias Delino i'Ney or Ias i'ney. More information as well as different character sketches are in the original Character hall but I will include them here for Viewing Pleasure.

I sah wah, I the One, Itheone, Iasney, Ayzie, Iaz, Iaze, Ias:
Many named individual such that most refer to him as 'I'. He has a human background before obtaining his now ultinity. He was a young lad who had a good start off in life until his powers developed and that and his popularity diminished except to family and a few friends. When of age he went off by himself and honed his skills. He met one who was a great writer among the south regions of Silvendonia and single handidly conquered the drakknight onslaught upon Alterr. He then crafted the moon in the skies called pranoke to be his habitation. He dwells there writing and quite secluded and myth ridden. He doesn't like disturbances and but usually isn't so hostile if one happens.

Name: Ias Delino i Ney
Address & Phone Number: No address or phone. Both are publically unlisted. Currently he dwells on Pelelope Moon at Primeon Fortress at Mt. Belone close center to mid points of the world. There isn't a phone exactly in those parts but there is a direct connective way through comcrys but Ias keeps his well protected only accessable through a special comcrys he distributes to reach him.
Date & Place of Birth: Ladolis, City of Cernalia, World of Enelonis; 7/18/1112; 10/29/1982 (earth date)
Heigh/Weight/Physical Description: 5' 11''; 1480mts; 224lbs.; Forehead broade. Nose and mouth though are mid sized. He is chubby around the cheeks and chin of his face. His chest, abdomen, and thighs are chubby as well. The only place he really isn't chubby is around his shins, ankles, and feet. Eyes brown, hair brown and medium-short length
Citizenship/Ethnic Origin: Ladolis
Parents' Names & Occupations: Lyion Delino i Ney and Elfreida Marei i Ney; Lyion: house fixtures (plumbing, heating, cooling); Elfreida: Food Service, Food Server
Other Family Members: Sisters: Janine, Jiana, and Lari
Spouse or Lover: None before Sidge Pulge and Goddess of Writing: Maeda
Friends' Names & Occupations: Blae Teln: farm hand; Sidge Pulge: none;
Social Class: used to be in working/ upper working class
Education: Common and Common Higher Ed. Joined the Guild of Artistic Magic in under the Written Magic department but dropped out and sought his own card on his own around the island and the other regions around the world.
Occupation/Employer: was once in food service
Salary: none
Community Status: in the community of the gods: high overseer, respectable as he has tried to be fair and has as far as those under him could say
Job-Related Skills: Artistic Magic, Written Magic, Higher Magic and Influence, wilderness skills and survival
Political Beliefs/Affiliations: Grew up in a representational democracy. Believes more in a humanistic or person oriented governments that are fair and just.
Hobbies/ Recreations: freewriting, reading, observing, godening
Personal Qualities (imagination, taste, etc.): likes creativity in most things but doesn't mind ordinaryness so long as it isn't too emphasized that it becomes boring
Ambitions: mostly fufilled, he wants to be left to his own and have power over all and everything but he is a humanist at heart unless riled up enough to be cruel.
Fears/Anxieties/Hangups: Unappreciation, disrespect/dishonor, unfairness, wrongful manipulation, uncompassion, misunderstanding
Intelligence: Would rather faith himself as absent minded idiot but if intelligence is a constant than he actually has quite a good understanding
Sense of Humor: light, not too much and not too deep or he'll turn into a crabby troll
Most Painful Setback/Dissapointment: Bout of misunderstanding between him and the god queen of the dragons: Mayjan.
Most Instructive/ Meaningful Experience: Upon coming across a freelance artist of Artistic Magic/ Written Magic: Naida Gevler and having her tell him about her experiences with writing and her giving of advice.
Health/Physical Condition/Distinquishing Marks/ Disabilities: As far as gods go, interchangeable but as for his original human form he assumes: a scar to the leftside under his chin when he fell when a kid. Being chubby and fat though and with his regular form, he is of course slower physically. He used to be quite hyperactive and off the wall his attention rather unfocused sometimes. He has it more in under control but it still surfaces from time to time.
Sexual Orientation/Experience/Values: Brought up Heterosexual but can be bi-sexual. Notice, though, that he's moreso privately than publically; not very experienced; he would value sex to make offspring first and foremost, but sex as a level of deep intimacy secondly, he doesn't value polygamy as such but really wouldn't frown on the idea if it were a reality to him
Tastes in food, drink, art, music, literature, decor, clothing: all simply= if it flows well and doesn't hit too many bumps, if it's in off on its own and represents itself well amongst things similar to it, if it seems to stand out and not take a back seat. Course there are a few that have the back seat that aren't that bad. Thus he'd say his tastes are varied.
Attitude toward Life: Life is something not to be cut short if desired, it should be endured and lived through in good times and bad.
Attitude toward death: a passage from one to another, not necessarily as bad as some cultures and societies put it as and should not be looked at with apprehension, death happens all the time in many ways, don't fear death
Philosophy of Life (in a phrase): Find your power and use it!

Iasiney, Ayzie, Ias, Iaze, and other variants

Ias was originally an acronym that means: I am Scotty
Originally Ias was a conception of many variousity. First I modeled him after my own life, form, and persona but I was really surprised at the shape he took with me.
Originally Ias was some kinda' god in the form I envisioned him as. I tried trimming him down bringing him to a type of high magician status (which I have a specific word for but which I won't use). Of course, I couldn't help but stay with him becoming a God. I also originally broke him into two seperate cases. Mainly, one case is rather clean while the other is dirty. The clean Ias would be the moreso public variation that everyone in public would see and the other is me all out including the fetishes and fantasies I have and have had. This split isn't like a personality split but is moreso like my personality in that I have several secrets. Many I don't wish to share all out with others.

Short Background:
Born on a large sized mid oceanic island. Small and simple he knew since the island wasn't spread out. Ever since he was young he was an odd sort and didn't keep many friends and was occasionally picked on by his classmates in school. During the fourth grade in school he found that he had some unusual powers. He tried to keep them out of the main light with these powers until finally he set off on his own into the wilderness and started really developing his ability. He specialized in channeling his powers through writing and thus created his first abode for him (not suprisingly called Firstone) where he kept developing his
on developing his abilities. Then, the gods of the world he lived on (called the mentors or elders) gave him the small yet fabled world of Pranoke. There he created many abodes and his main abode he set in the the largest mountain (a little larger than Mount Everest of Earth) Mt. Belone and named it Primeon. This fortress was by far his greatest building created. Then on on Pranoke he created many a creatures and continued developing his powers. Though he had many familiars who stayed in Primeon with him (causing him to make the room for them) he wished to have a personal familiar so created a Pot Bellied Dragon and named it Sidge. Sidge took up craft as an Artist and left Ias for half a lifetime before returning to stay. Ias was then captured by his cousin Yash and taken before his grandfather. Thus he became endowed with the universal creator power and left the reigns to godship over the universe. His presence came back to primeon to find that falderal had taken over, decimating pranoke and had possessed Sidge eventually killing him. Ias bent his wrath on Falderal but eventually let him live. Then, he restored Pranoke making it better than it was before till it was near center of the galaxy as it was in old legends.

Itheone- An Incarnate of I the One the master God of Pelelope Universe.

Jock- Dragon Warrior that was supposed to be met by Ian. Modeled after Jrrhack Draco of the internet and Brazil.

Maisas- Master at Imagining Scotty Alan Scholl- Several conceptions of Mister Maisas existed after I developed him more.

Sidge- Full name is Sidge Pulge. Many incarnates of the real once living Sidge were created by Ias I Ney so defining the real Sidge is more difficult unless by

Skoshun- Cadis Drak

Skosand- Drakknight killed for tardyness and ascended and came to Menrui.

Themos- Drakknight recordkeeper for the Centrael Building in Gabonisk City of Garbondego. Was blamed for speaking dissent and was about to get destroyed but escaped through the Inclamensor target randomly and landed him on

Wovelmlos- The Belly incarnate, and he became him to travel with Alvin for reasons only The Belly himself knows.

Yoliee- Queen of Yivel during the 1928 Suc Period. Was abducted by the Drakknights.

Ziek- King of Yivel during the 1928 Suc Period


Araj- Joan Palean's White Horse

Nivil Borin- Assistant Advisor for King Ziek. Eventually became King after Ziek was Abducted.

Alicia Borin- Daughter of the Ultin, Fantasy, and foster daughter of Jivelle

Joan Palean
Knick Palean
Vizir Borin
Hique Purjean
Vince Light
Vince Dark
William Good
" Evil
Yoas Domigard Keplinger

Zazar (Zazir)
Glen "Keplinger"
Samuel Goldlinger
All I.F.
Alvin Abernous
Salina Solidos
Good (Dragon)
Airald Evindoble

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