The Awakening Section III revised with Breaks by cardiajohnscott

The Awakening Section III revised with Breaks

Prologue of the Sky Particles

Section III

He had his paper and pen out and was writing soon after. He wrote nonchalantly about what had happened and what was happening to him but found himself concentrating on the guns they carried and how they did not resemble anything he had seen before. He casually noted how he would like to see them, just as the surrealism of the dream state was settling in. He paused noticing that sitting on the table next to his tote bag was an object that resembled the guns they had carried around in their holsters.

Ias glanced around seeing that no one was looking and he picked it up examining it and found it did not resemble any gun he had seen. It was smaller, more cylindrical but ovalish and not as long. In fact, he saw it had no open end or hollow barrel.

It was not soon after that he heard talking. He put the gun into the tote back just as the door to the room came open. There were two drakknights who stood there for a moment and came in, one sitting in an opposite chair to him putting down a violet small pink piece of glass what looked like it was set into a white metal frame.

"We have verified it and we're sorry to stop a diplomat from the north. We are instructed to give you this pass and let you go on your way and provide any means to allow you to reach your destination. They didn't tell us where you are headed," The seated Drakknight said passing me the glass and metal piece he carried in with him.

I took it and the lettering on it glowed and shifted in a language I didn't know so I grinned uneasily, "Thank you. I'm trying to reach a rind of mountains to the south."

"That is a near weeks walk down south the way you were going. We are supposed to extend you every courtesy. Would you want to wait for the next Transer?"

"The next Transer?" Ias asked.

"Yes. This will let you get there in less than a day," The Drakknight responded and the other Drakknight standing behind him leaning up against the wall next to the door causally left a few moments after.

Ias reflected on the time he had made and that it took him about the same time to walk at his unusual pace and he said, "No, thank you. I will be okay to walk."

The Drakknight smiled politely, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, thank you," Ias smiled back. The Drakknights led him out of the station before letting him go and just as a blurry object came flying in at a straight line from the distance seemingly passing through everything in its way. It really just suddenly appeared next to the station and Ias noticed it as a large long black capsule about the size of the building hovering in the air. He stood there for a moment raptly interested in it and saw before his eyes as it separated and opened up to show Drakknights sitting up from lying positions and a few of them got up and stepped over around until they came walking down contours in the sides onto the ground before it.

Ias started his trek again passing through a few other towns along the way and the countryside of the plains and soon ran into jungle. He proceeded through the jungle and into swamplands finally meeting up with foothills mounting the rising land to the mountains. Ias noticed that this area was not where the Drakknights were located and in fact had passed through areas that were completely wild. He was now mounting the territory that had various creatures that watched him from a distance but did not come upon him. He saw creatures from anthropomorphic furry creatures to lizard creatures.

The foothills finally gave way to a rocky region. Ahead of him it dropped off into a ravine and came back up to a small horizon of mountains. The way he saw them they were only in the center of the horizon, their peaks touching the sky.

Ias knelt down sitting cross legged and brought his tote bag down and despite his troubled mind; he brought out his pen and paper. He wrote about the expanse that had happened so far feeling energetic again in total. He wrote about his powers and topics that he had noted such as the Drakknights he had met originally at their building. He wrote until he sun rose from the night and when he stopped a vision came across him. He saw the creature in a midst of a ring of mountains scratching away at stone dipping his claws in various colors and painting, drawing images. The image came back and dissipated and Ias sat there for some time trying to form his thoughts out of the clutter the vision produced. He started to write out of all of this reflecting on his feelings for the creatures following him and his marginally changing abilities. He could pinpoint the recent turn of events since his last writing as causing this. He didn't mind the creatures but he noted he was shy and didn't enjoy too much attention from too much people. He had never experienced it before and he really didn't take large enjoyment in it. The aura around him came closer and closer inside him the dream state and surrealism of everything came into him as one and he felt close to the unidentifiable peak in his power. Whether it was a peak of a milestone or a peak of all of his power he could not understand but he could vaguely realize that this was the path in his power. He could not discern any further as ambiguity set in and too many avenues opened to him that he could not orient on before and caused him to retract his writing that had spurred on a vision at the same time. He noted that this was the highest oriented that his writing had been before.

A load screech resounded all around causing Ias to jump jerking out of his writing. He looked up about the mountains and to where their peaks touched the sky. There he saw a smooth glistening lithe shape appear momentarily. It appeared serpentine. Ias stood up immediately as in his mind he rendered it largely serpentine. He couldn't believe this but his mind trudged ahead to assume some type of dragon. There was only one way to be sure, he rendered in his mind and began trudging toward the mountain after gathering his stuff up inside his tote bag. He kept going onward before he realized that he was walking on air.

Ias gasped and hesitated cringing for a moment entirely fearful but just for a moment. He slowly stood up straight in the air still unsure of his footing. He started to walk around and let out a cry of joy looking all around despite the sheer height as the rocky crevice spread out underneath him. He saw to his right past the canyon the rocky region stretched out ending in a sliver of blue at the horizon. The western craggy terrain of the jumble of rock did not continue far until it ran into a sea of green touching the horizon.

The sky above the mountains gave way with a puff to another sleek creature. This time Ias suffered a realization and a vision came upon him the same time to reveal the full creature as a white and blue sapphire colored dragon. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, one of the creatures he had loved from fairy tales and fantasy stories. He took a few steps ahead and hesitated in the air, then glanced around before running across the remainder of the ravine to the rocky foot of the mountains.

Ias measured about several hundred yards in a surmise from the base of the mountains. The rocks and crags were piled up in a wide field before him. His surreal feeling was draining away from him and causing him to withdraw his wish to go where his visions were leading him. He sat down and got out his pen and paper and wrote about what had happened and what he saw and felt. The dreamy feeling was back again quickly and the feeling was penetrating him faster and faster bringing him to the peak once more. The roar stopped him in his writing as it shook the ground around him. A gust of wind which came felt very near and caused him to look up slowly. There was a dragon looking at him, the white and sapphire blue dragon stood a few meters ahead of him on a lower rock looking up at Ias as he squatted down.

The dragon was more white than sapphire, with a blotch of blue from his snout down to his back up his bat-like wings, which were furrowed at his sides, then down to its blue tail. It was lightly furry about its head having light blue tufts of fur around the edges of its snout, and down its head as a mane but ending in a scaly ridge crest. The creature was lithe as a serpent with a long neck, but drawn out as a crocodile, striking a balance and making it built like a horse at its body.

"From the looks of you, a lift into the valley might be a good offer. Why are you here?" The dragon hissed.

"I have been drawn here," Ias confessed shrugging.

"Strange, ironic too. Drawn... ha ha.... We don't have many humans here so it is an occasion. Come on down and I’ll give you a flight into the midst of the mountains," The creature responded and squatted down on the ridge of his rocky pile he stood on.

"I would appreciate that," Ias said grinning packing his pen and paper away. He slinged the tote bag across his shoulders and hopped down jumping from rock to rock in quick motions he was reminded in surprise that he could do.

The dragon was amused and remarked, "You're quick for a human. You remind me of a bird."

"Thanks," Ias remarked hopping up onto the dragon’s shoulders in one swift motion feeling great zeal at the skill he hopped up onto the creature.

Its wings were unfurled and its flight was husky and bumpy to start out. Yet, once the dragon gained its altitude, it soared as smooth as a stream and the dreamy state wafted over Ias's consciousness. He felt he was swimming and almost lurched off the dragon in reflex but squatted there perched looking over the view breathtaking to him as the world spread out. They were in the clouds over the mountains circling down in no time from when they had lifted off. The midst of it was as rocky as the outer rim. Ias was overcome by his vision once more and saw the creature there his path looked to as an emerald dragon. He leapt at the vision and found himself leaping toward the blue sapphire and white dragon.

"What are you doing? You can't fly, only I can. What made you want to jump down?" The dragon responded.

"I saw him. He's a dragon, emerald green," Ias responded feverantly as the dragon replaced him on its back.

"Ah, yes. Now I know who do you want to see. Why didn't you say that before? Just wait a moment and I will take you right to his place," The dragon remarked and swooped toward the far side closer and closer with the wind whipping by. The mountains came even closer until Ias could see a darker hole that the dragon was oriented on. This came swiftly closer until the dragon gripped the edges of his talons.

The Awakening Section III revised with Breaks


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He had his paper and pen out and was writing soon after. He wrote nonchalantly about what had happened and what was happening to him but found himself concentrating on the guns they carried and how they did not resemble anything he had seen before. He casually noted how he would like to see them, just as the surrealism of the dream state was settling in. He paused noticing that sitting on the table next to his tote bag was an object that resembled the guns they had carried around in their holsters.

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