The Awakening Section I revised with Breaks by cardiajohnscott

The Awakening Section I revised with Breaks

Prologue of the Sky Particles

Section I

Ias was a boy who lived in Ladolai in central Alterr. He lived in a small town aside a river called the Silvendonia. His life was medium for the first three years and he lived as any other kid would. Then, his Dad and Mother separated and he went to live on the hill overlooking the Gord Valley for a few years before moving back. He started his schooling only a couple of years after.

The skills and unusualness he showed and the misbehavior they enacted caused him to be mildly deviant. His classmates outcasted him and his step-father mistreated him. All dropped off over time except for his being still outcasted in school and his unusual traits and unique abilities.
He took up mythology and self-expressive types of hobbies such as reading, writing, and some drawing on the side of his own worlds of fantasy and fiction.

Then his family and he moved to Yivel in central Ladolai and he caught back up on lost social interaction. He continued in school there and his life better than before but he did have a place in his heart for Ladolai.

Ias walked down the path looking up at the trees and brush to either side of the path. He could hear sounds of birds and a whirl of wind in the distance but all was quiet.... too quiet to him and he wanted out of there immediately if not sooner but he couldn't do this and it really was a frustration to him so he continued down the path up a hill and stood at the top of this hill looking onward. His vision was limited but he could see a line of trees in the distance. For as far as he remembered having traveled this was as good as sign as any. He continued down the hill and toward the trees in the distance. Well he came to a creek and looked around it and since it was too big to jump over he decided to try to swim it and was surprised at how easy it was even though the current was strong.

He was also surprised that his clothes were still dry when he got across the creek.

Onward he marched on and the trees were closer and closer and then a creature jumped down from the trees it was an interesting creature which looked to Ias like a monkey with a squirrel’s tail. It jumped up and fell right back down to the ground as it tried to jump up on top of Ias. Then it gave a hooting holler stomping on the ground and flinging its arms everywhere. Then it took up the road and Ias chased after it and was surprised when he caught the creature in little to no time. It squirmed and tried to bite and then when it looked up at Ias it stopped and stared then it hugged him and crawled up Ias's shoulder and stayed there. Ias found he liked the company and went about on his way toward the tree line. He found the forest wasn't very thick and was open so he sat down under a tree and looked around.

The path where he came from he saw hills and valleys and the line of the creek he crossed. He noted how far away he was and could swear that he saw his hometown from where he was even though the hills blocked his view. Then he felt the dreamy feeling he was used to feeling getting stronger and then he was relaxed and looked around again but this time down the path ahead of him. He saw past hills and even mountains and streams toward the sea and beyond the sea to the land beyond that and his vision stopped in a valley beyond that surrounded by mountains and he saw on a great rock in its midst a creature scratching away at a stone he had with his claws. His vision backed up back to the land he was on now and shot over toward the way far to his right and down a ways to a lady writing on a tablet of paper with a quill pen. His vision came back and the monkey was right in front of him staring into his eyes intently.

"Hey you. What are you doing?" Ias asked it half cooingly.

"Wondering about you," The monkey spoke back in plain language causing Ias to lean back suddenly and hit his head on the tree. It didn't hurt and he wondered at this as the monkey scratched its shiny brown fir before speaking again, "Don't hurt yourself?"

"Wha how is it I can understand you?"

"I was wonderin' that myself. I don't know but we're talking now," the monkey replied.
Ias was quite dumbfounded and couldn't think of any more words.

"Anyways," the monkey continued, "You have something interesting about you that I like. Maybe it was it that made me come along and maybe it was it that allows you to talk to me."

"Made you come along.... You didn't have to..." Ias started but as he reached 'have to' the monkey suddenly diverted its gaze and looked at him with its eyes crossed and its eye brows up before running off and up a tree where it started hooting and howling.

Ias was frozen in dumbstruck awe and finally the dream state subsided a little and he collected his thoughts together. Something he knew was up and he didn't know what it was. He knew that the two persons in his vision must have something to do with it. He also found that he didn't know which one to go to next but he defaulted to the one on the same island because the other one would be farther to get to. He took the path down through hills and valleys across streams again at record times he noted and then he sat down again at the ridge of a hill top overlooking a valley and looked ahead on the path. The dream state came over him again and he looked ahead over the path ahead and noticed it diverted. His vision took this and through another thick forest and over a river through a grass land over some rocky terrain and mountains snow capped before coming to a desert and into the dessert to over dune until stopping at an oasis and at a women sitting writing eagerly with a quill pen and paper. The vision retracted and he found himself sitting on the ridge overlooking the valley again but he was still in the dreamy state and he rested for a while and started out again in his dreamy state. The distance between him and what he saw in his vision could have been an eye blink before he was trudging through the hot sand of the desert and there was the oasis and he was at the edge of the oasis and the dream stopped and the sun glared down and the wind picked up slightly. He saw this woman with her curled black hair and light blue clothes sitting leisurely and writing intently. He approached her but she continued to write so he sat down and waited. It was when the sun was close to setting when she looked up, saw him, and smiled.
"What brings you here, sir?"

Ias slipped into his dream state once more and saw a figure standing clothed in white standing over an open book with a pen resting in its middle crease. He intoned his vision to her but she listened without the smile leaving her lips.

"You seek me. How good. You must wish me to teach you about writing."

Ias snapped out of his dream state, "I have been writing. I have written since I was little."

"Have you journal written before? This is the real beginning writing stage."

"Um... no... not really..." Ias confided a little ashamed of himself.

"Well... better time now then any. Here, I will show you." She started to give Ias paper when Ias remembered he had packed a tote bag with his belongings. It had been slung over his shoulder ever since he left Silvendonia and he felt partially surprised he didn't lose it.

"Wait, I have some of my own." He took his bag off his shoulder, sat down, and opened it. He searched and pulled out a paper and a pencil.

"Here, use this pen. I find it to be very good." She handed him a shiny diamond shaped head pen with a green see through barrel and a small black tube set into the end of the head section inside.

She also handed him a board to write on and instructed him to write until she said stop about whatever and that he wasn't to stop moving the pen until time was up. She also told him that nothing mattered and he didn't have to worry about proper writing structure as much as it would trip him up and he was allowed to lose control. If anything came up that was particularly fresh, he was to go after it.

He was off and began writing slowly about ordinary things and then he broke into other things and deeper things and his interests and what had happened to him, the dreamy feeling and the strange aptitudes he exhibited. He became more intense and intense and then...

He jerked at the words and his thoughts recollected and he found himself back where he was before but he remembered that while he was writing the dream state instantly came to him and he found he felt very good about what he had done more peaceful about what he had just written.

"There was an amazing aura of power coming from you. I knew you had something great about you. Now, you must find it. Here are a few more pens and the cartridges to use with them." She handed him what she spoke of and went back to writing herself.

That was it, Ias guessed but he felt he wanted to write again but first things first and he sat down at the edge of the oasis and the dream state came over him and he envisioned the path ahead of him down south the desert for a good long time till across some mountains wetland and jungle till forest and mountain again and then into plain and then in forest and hill till the rind of mountains and amidst them was the creature scratching on a stone with a half smirk.

The Awakening Section I revised with Breaks


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Ias was a boy who lived in Ladolai in central Alterr. He lived in a small town aside a river called the Silvendonia. His life was medium for the first three years and he lived as any other kid would. Then, his Dad and Mother separated and he went to live on the hill overlooking the Gord Valley for a few years before moving back. He started his schooling only a couple of years after.

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