Neo Hail Primus Chapter One by cardiajohnscott

I stared out of the window into the cool clear mountain sky. I was wondering mostly upon my situation in the mountain fortress of Primeon. I was currently in the main foyer. It was mostly an audience hall where either side rose up a set of stairs and went through archways. The archways then led out into side hallways into a long balcony. Then, on the fore and aft places below the giant windows were steps down which eventually suddenly dropped off into a pit.
The long drafty hallway was large enough to fit several thousand people confortably. The composition at the moment was just bare weathered stone. In fact, all of it was stone. From the arches, they met in deep square cut into the ceiling which stretched from one end to the other, above.
I was watching out of the window at the northern end because a dragon approached. It was my dragon, Sidge, a cow dragon, and a very special breed. He had something in his talons. The creature was not prey but someone I knew, an elven creature that I had known the moment of my second birth called Skolin Delsh, or Sko for short.
The Cow dragon easily fit inside the window and deposited the elvish Sko before me and came down behind me turning around toward my back and toward Sko. Sidge could fit in here as it was many times the size of him. Sko stood up and brushed his robe of blue with a shirt of green, lightly. He nodded at me and knelt down on the ground but I frowned.
"Stand up, I don't wish creatures to bow to me. Come on. I know exactly why ye're here. I am going to go up to the Study," I told the Elvish Sorcerer and started to move off to my right toward the archways.
"Do you mind if I come?" Sidge asked and I turned toward him and shook my head. The cow dragon became alighted with silvery light shifting and compressing until his form was very much similar except he walked on two legs.
"Sko, I am dissapointed in exact terms as to why you seem to wish to impress upon me of these affairs," I started to say as I leisurely mounted the stairs with my hands linked behind my back.
"My Lord..." Sko started to emit.
"I am not a creature that easily concerns myself with outside matters. In these events as in all, I know the total outcome and how they came to being. Do not ever presuppose I give my attention and support to all?" I relayed to the Elvish creature and ended as we came up the final step before the archway.
"My Lord is not concerned?" Sko questioned.
"I am beyond concern, Sko. What remains now is whether or not events continue as they are or take a different turn," I started to say moving through the archways. There spread out before me was a vast mountainscape of snow capped mountains ranging about, set in a patchy fog here and there. The air was brisk and the light from the spindle pillar gave warmth but only when basking directly in it as opposed to sheltering from it as we were. It broke through some of the fog and cast shadows amonst the mountains.
"Lord Glight is admirable and just wishes to have his Drakknights be well suited throughout the world. So long as I am here, I cannot find justice to relinquish the name of Hail Primus back from Hale Forth. Sidge could you come here?" I spoke out over the balcony, coming to rest my hands on the stone half wall banister at the edge and lean onto it.
Sidge came beside me and brushed his chubby tummy up against the wall before placing a hoofpaw slightly on the edge there and he unfurled his wings and flexed them twitching his tail and looked back at me. I could only smile at what a creature he was the admirability striking me as it was.
"You see how Sidge is, content and fine for anything that comes after him. Then he has to bring you in and it makes him very tiresome, doesn't it Sidge,"
Sidge nodded in succession a few times, "Yes, I feel better now but carrying you wasn't as good."
Sko stood to my left and back a step. He was becoming flustered not from the brisk air, but from my speech as I could sense his feelings welling up so I spoke turning back to him, "Oh Sko, don't worry yourself. It is the least of your concerns. I am but a maker of anything you see here. Were I to fashion a 'fairs all' device to cure all ailments at once, we wouldn't have ailments would we."
"I still can't eliminate why things have to be like this, my lord. Will I in due time reckon it all?" Sko asked slightly through a slightly choked voice.
"It is to be seen," I said staring past him at the far end of the balcony where the it ended at a curved wall. The wall then came out and shifted swinging to the right on revealed hinges in the interior. The passageway gave way quickly to a tight stone staircase there.
I turned to Sidge and he nodded giving me a harsh look. I shrugged, "Do you want me to carry you?"
"Of course," The Cow dragon resounded pained. Sidge was a tubby cow dragon and didn't like much stress or a good workout. I was there so I picked him up cleanly and carried him easily. He was as of no weight and the stairs were just tricky because of their narrowness.
We came up into the study which was nothing more than a smaller mirror of the lower level except it was well open with archways bordering all sides, and with nothing more than an eventual drop off each side. The ceiling was placed but had a big opening on the center, and was otherwise domed.
The view was one from the top of Pranoke itself. I could see everything anyways, but the view from here was one of which ever sight except right down the mountain and near it was otherwise a wide open vantage point to the rest of the world.
I put Sidge down and went to the far side to look out over the world. The air here was brisk and sometimes the draft picked up considerably. Sko came up behind me with sidge. The cow dragon's stomach grumbled and I smiled while looking away from them and said aloud ahead of me, "You may go get your dinner now anything you want and I will match it."
Sidge's voice rung out clearly after I said this, "I love it when you do that. I will get to it then."
The Cow Dragon Leapt out of the Archway and dropped a ways becoming full Size. He then went off flying away around the mountain and south.
Sko came up beside me and I beheld him, "Sko, I am tired of this, I really am. Here I am up looking around at the world even though I can look at the world already. Please let me know what you see that I do not."
"You know what is happening, My Lord," Sko told me.
"I know exactly how you think and feel about it, my Sorcerous Sko. Let me hear you say your concerns," I responded to the Elven Sorcerer.
"I am concerned that this change to Hale Forth from Hail Primus. The new council has delved power to the subtle group called the Saynajaus. They are immoral blasphemying fiends that have no love for life. They have invited the Drakknights back to this world after a century of peace without them. I want to destroy them for what they've done and what they most surely intend them to do," Sko said after a pause where he looked square at me.
"What would you have me do?" I asked him though I turned looking northwest toward Hale Forth and I went to the western side of the arches and looked out toward the Land more fully.
"Could you bring back Hail Primus?" Sko said with resolve.
"I had told you that I have no care for Hale Forth and for many matters resulting from it," I told him.
"My Lord, I can do it myself. Your blessing would ensure my victory," Sko entreated me.
I didn't say anything to him until he sighed at length looking out that way with me, "I will tell you one part of the way things are. You are the one that is for me in that land. If they kill you, they will fail to stand on their own. If you kill yourself trying to dissimate them on your own account, then you will become my servant as Maspritae."
Sko stared at me but I didn't move my expression so he turned away looking at the horizon toward Hale Forth, that once was Hail Primus.

Neo Hail Primus Chapter One


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