Particle Prolouge by cardiajohnscott

Particle Prolouge

Prolouge "The Ascendance Trials"

I wasn't flying or floating. I wasn't swimming or spinning in a whirlwind. I was most certainly somewhere. Somewhere in the sky, standing on a solid mass. I thought it was clouds. The blueness of the sky broke overhead and the sun cut bright all around filling up the whiteness and making it brighter.
Ahead of me I could see the clouds came to collect around trees. Behind me, the clouds opened up into blackness. I proceeded into the trees ahead of me and soon came into a fogginess in the forest, thick enough to bar my vision around the sides but to reveal a brown dirt path to walk along. Behind me, the blackness encroached not too far, apparently having moved. I did not cherish the idea I was being cut off. I supposed that maybe I was supposed to go forward, I couldn't see why I needed to go back.
The path came eventually to a small square building with stairs leading down. The blackness still came behind me. I didn't know whether I wanted to go down on back. I started to walk off to the side and I fell but landed lightly somewhere else. A quick look around showed I was right back in front of the stone building. I walked back into the gloom and the same phenomenon happened with me falling off into the gloom.

Particle Prolouge


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