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The Almanac

Worlds of the Candle Star System-
Pranoke Moon

Worlds of the Grael Star-

Worlds of the Jade Star System-

Worlds of the Teal Star System

Worlds of the Crimson Star System

Nations of the Worlds of the Candle Star

Pranoke Moon-

Hale Forth
Sengor Lor
Ezen Territory
Michi Gimiguchi's Clinic and Grounds
Belly Mountains-
Dragon Nation
Cait Tribes
Baidof Nation
Mountain Lion Tribes
Goblin Tribes

Kingdom of Yivel
Kingdom of Gregory
Kingdom of Solman
Kingdom of Stafon

Maginean Nation

Great Isle of Ladolis-
Kingdom of Ladolai

Sharclaw's Region

Mayjan's Region

Del Sarto's Region

Klaey's Region

Nations of the Worlds of the Jade Star


Beldoun Continent-
Jyndon Nation
Qinjon Nation
Draconic South Nation

Sump Up Continent-
Smoth Nation
Beig Nation
Abedomen Nation
Eovorlap Nation
Fator Nation

The Guilds of Yivel of Alterr, authored by Melvin Finch, Yivel Historian

Guild of Synth- Oldest guild in yivel and even older since the refugees from Landolai came to Yivel. A few members of the guild defected so the guild is officially been around since 1640 Casuch. Various groups sprung up even before that making it unofficially since 894 Casuch

Guild of Engineering and Mining

Guild of The Mystics of the One

Guild of Communication

Guild of Knowledge

Guild of Artistic Synth

The Emergency Relief Guild

Dating systems and history in around the Candle Star by Karen D., Ultin Recordkeeper

Pre Casuch-All the years before Casuch. Records were lost to first forms but civilizations were not organized enough to really make much history except migrating from here to there and warring against every other anything existing with them over every little disagreement. Such wars and entitlements include: "The War Against a Blade of Grass"

Casuch- period of regular history up to 198,025 years till the split of some races to other worlds. An era charcterized as an era where the worlds and all existences are merged into one unified plane.

-198,025- Rift shakes the worlds and planes into seperate unified wholes and ends the Casuch era.

Ben Kuch- Bits of the races of dwarvish, human, maginean, drakknaught, dragon, orcs, goblins, and trolls migrate to Alterr. Drakknights to Garbondego. Gryphons and bird variants all join and migrate to Aidosah.

-128- Rpjion incident

-250- Hail Primus renamed to Hale Forth by Saynajaus of PRanoke

-261- Duorgnaks Founded in Sengor Lor of Pranoke

-262- North Caprice styled as Kingdom of Jyiri of Pranoke
- Durizuit Founded

-268- Pranoke Gykes settle in South Caprice

-287- Pranoke Gykes join with Mountain Ezens from Belly Mountains
- Michi Gimiguchi given land in old west Gyke Nation

-290- Hail Primus wars in Hale Forth

-1250- a nice bloody war breaks out on Alterr which wipes nearly everything out. Dragons forced to Fireclaw; orcs, trolls, and goblins into exile and finally some of the trolls, goblins, and orcs migrate to Trihlish.

Suc- Era of turmoil. Civilizations all spawning too large, either must risk war or decay in themselves.

-1884- Drakknights of Garbondego and the Kingdom of Yivel declare war on each other.
-1896- Drakknights of Garbondego routed by Kingdom of Yivel, treaty signed reconstruction begins.
-1899- Reconstruction complete, discovery of secret of interdimensional travel spawns interdimensional and space expansion.

Utherebb- Discovery of Seperate existing dimensions and Other worlds accelerates space race eventually leading into the expansion into other worlds and many wars. Several brittle unifications throughout the universe, war, expansion, etc. forever throughout all eternity and the universe.

-1270- War between The Craydol Alliance and The Candlestar Alliance breaks out.
-1277- Treaty signed, Silver Star Alliance created
-17589- Great Interstellar war begins
-17615- Treaty and charter signed, Universal Alliance Created, Reconstruction Started
-18012- Reconstruction Complete

Quick Ultin and Masprit Listing

Itheone "The One"

Power "The Power"
Dream "The Dream"
Explore "The Explore"

All 'The Imaginary Figment'

Zargon "The Draconic"

Fantasy "The Fantasy"
Maeda "The Writing"
Wovelmlos "The Belly"
Jaze "The Vore"
Glight "The Geld Light"
Invincilight "Vince Light"
Invincidark "Vince Dark"
Karen "The Knowing"
Elemenlix "The Elements"
Zabab "The Magic"


Sko "The Sorcerer"
Meln "Air Sprite"
Bob "The Bobcat Genie"
Red "The Red Djinn"
Eystope "The Green Sprite"



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