Prolouge to Sky Prime by cardiajohnscott

Prolouge to Sky Prime

Prologue to Prime Sky

I remember waking up to a blur of light and shapes around me. They started forming together into more uniform shapes until these shapes were walls. The colors started forming in with the blur of light, a sprinkle of colors. The shapes became cream colored walls of marble and porcelain. I looked up and behind me from my laying position and saw the walls just next to me and found I was at one end of the room of the slowly unblurring circular shape of it. I looked down and found I was on a similarly porcelain floor.
The room had a clean clear feel and smell about it. There were doors leading out with one at my side and others equidistant from me on each side. I looked up and saw the room went up and away, finally ending at a distant speck of white. I felt my head and gave a rub of my hair and stood up rigid with uncertainty and a skin taunting tension that was mixing with exhilaration. I knew this room I was in. It resembled a room I had once thought about, wrote about, a circular room into the sky. This room didn't have any gratings and had marble porcelain walls.
Porcelain was fragile, I tossed about in my mind giving the wall next to the door a knock with my fist and a push into it. The wall was most certainly not fragile, or built in a way that somehow made porcelain tougher.
The door behind me opened out away from me and I sat up and turned around slightly to look toward the door and Sko stood in it still a blurry outline of the surroundings beyond transparently focused beyond him magnified slightly. The visage of Sko was similar to a free moving magnifying glass in the outline of a figure with arms and legs and a round head.
"Come on and get up. Everything will come to you soon. We had better walk around Primsky. You wanted it to be your familiarization when you truly came here," Sko's airy voice whispered over to me.
"Oh right, then it has happened. Very nice, as I predicted," I commented feeling a bit more confident and my tensions built upon that confidence making the uplifting energy associated with it. I stood up, my head and eyes clearing quickly to my surroundings, filling them in with full vibrant colors making the marble porcelain shine reverently. The white light from on high up in the room poured down making the room even brighter.
"Right, now come on into the character hall, this way, they're all here waiting for your arrival," Sko continued on smugly and started down the hall.
The west wing of the main level of Primsky held a gigantic room where all the silhouettes of creatures past and present that I had created were represented being the intermediary link in time here. They all snapped to attention at me. Sidge was the first that came up, a green scaly dragon of very fat proportions gathered all at his belly making a jiggly pot that hovered only a meter or two off the ground when he walked, it swayed to and fro. He tackled me though I felt more so myself being crushed because the size of him was many times greater than my regular form.
"We're not going to waste too much time in here are we?" Sidge asked me.
"Sidge? Aren't you supposed to be a Cow-dragon?" I asked from under Sidge's big self, almost embedded into his upper big belly.
"No, I wasn't originally one," Sidge remarked coming off of me.
"And I didn't originally have Elaejia with me," Nellms said detaching himself from the crowd of jumbled creatures, almost statues, standing in the mix of the room. Nellms was the white skinned beastly creature that had a cross between a dragon and dinosaur's gait or more so a lizard that could stand on it's hind legs. It's head was ovalish as was it's body. Then it's appendages and neck which were as a dragon's were but hinged flexible as an animal's was. It was more so an anthropomorphic lizard with an oval abdomen and chest.
"Okay, I think I've gotten my bearings as to what's going on?" I remarked aloud standing up from under Sidge.
"Really? Then are you going with your basic form" Sko asked.
"Yeah I guess. Human form," I responded.
I looked down at myself and saw that I was naked and saw my hairy body with orangish pink skin with the clump of hair near my dick and the bits of hair around my paunch that was what I called big but was indeed fat as was my thighs and down till below my knees where the fat became scarce, to my feet that about made the standard foot length in length itself. I hugged myself around my pudgy and hairy belly pressing my fingers into my flesh feeling the fat and skin and contour of it because I liked my belly even though it wasn't big and only extended a hand length and a half from the line of my spine.
I looked up at Sko and he had mirrored my form so I stepped up and hugged him picking him up and holding him in my arms. I went running to the sky room that I woke up in and back to the Character Hall screaming at the top of my lungs ecstatically.
"Away with you all in this character hall, let this be my main meeting hall," I said and everyone was gone.
The Character Hall was now replaced by my lounging hall, a rather elegant little place to me now. It had a red and gold circular rug in the center with a large round mahogany table. In fact, most all was mahogany around the room, there were several chests along the wall and extra chairs and several draped banners hanging several feet away around the outskirts of the table, red with gold streaks embroidered around the insides of them. Other than the chests, I made sure there were a few cabinets below a large window set up high in the far end.
I sat down at the nearest chair, a rather plushy cushioned blood red mahogany wood edged chair with an ahhh. Sko teleported into the chair next to me lounging back in it with his hands linked behind his head. Sidge rested his head on the table next to me and I caressed his head. Nellms brought a half a sofa seat similarly in make to the chairs but larger up next to Sidge's head and neck.
A large chest on my right side against the wall alongside of the medley of chests there popped open and several papers flew out and alighted before us on the table, even before Sidge. I tapped the table before me and withdrew my hand and a large cantaloupe melon appeared there and I gave it to Sidge saying, "I don't like Cantaloupe's, you can have them." Sidge chomped on it and did a slight shrug but still kept his head on the table.
"This is a diversion from Hail Primus, correct, Ias?" Sko asked after looking over the papers.
"That is partially correct Sko as you well know," I said lounging back in my chair more as I petted Sidge on the head. It beat having a cat. The concept though gave me a realization.
"Yes, this is a slight diversion, Sko. Hail Primus is fun, I will add more to this in separate times. But I want to try some new characters I may have in Hail Primus as well," I said.
"What are those?" Sidge asked.
"Fun ones," I responded pointing at Nellms who looked at me startled but became another creature.
"This is Gibbens. He's a nice kitty," I said to them and looked at what Nellms once was. It was indeed a tabby short hair cat, tiger black white and gray mixture tiger striped. The only difference from what made it a real cat was that it stood on it's hind legs about as tall as me, an anthropomorphic creature.
"I'm Gibbens? I thought I was Dog," the cat meowed looking around at everyone
"No, not here," I commented.
Gibbens looked solely at me and pointed a paw and claw at me, "Hey, I know you. You're that thing. You and that other thing feed me and that other thing keeps scaring me away when I'm trying to ask you for food. I can't understand a word any of you are saying unless you do something that you do all the time..."
"Hush hush Gibbens, apparently not too bright though," Sko remarked with his eyes closed then looked back over at me opening them.
"Two of you," Gibbens remarked.
"Yes this is my exec and..." I started to say with a mild gesture at Sko.
"Ias has the utmost confidence in me," Sko threw back.
I shrugged looking at Gibbens, "And in you. Come here a moment Mr. Gibbens."
The cat did quite naturally walking on his two legs without a problem and not aware of it. He came up to me and Sidge was staring at him all the time. Gibbens leered at Sidge so I put my hand on Sidge and he let his head come back down on the table with a light clunk so Gibbens climbed over him.
"What's you want?" Gibbens asked looking me over with big green eyes.
"You look good," I remarked at his form, not really muscular, more pudgy for a cat or anthropomorphic cat.
Gibbens licked his paw and smoothed his head fur back a bit, repeating it for a few seconds before saying, “Thanks.”
“Your welcome. Now...” I started to say smacking my hands lightly on the table.
Suddenly the only door to the room flew open and Nellms came back in saying, “Did I miss anything?”
I smiled, “No, sit down Nellms.”
“Just a minute, Ias, now that wasn't very nice,” The Cadis Drak remarked.
“Oh, Nellms, that's fine. Anyways, I was just going to announce what plans I have for Sky Prime,” I said to him and came back around speaking to everyone else.
Gibbens sat down on the floor next to me but I chided him until he pulled over a chair. Nellms resumed his station on the sofa as I spoke, “Now, this is a new undertaking. It is in this place. I will be remodeling it before the next story. I might draw the plans up and have the Masprits work on it. I don't know whether to go with the castle look or just some stone porcelain structure.”
“Why don't you just go with a large house?” Sidge suggested.
“A different approach from the regular way with Primeon, I like it. I have moved different ways since I first conceived of Primeon,” I complimented Sidge.
“Why not a flying keep?” Sko remarked.
“Stop reading my thoughts,” I scolded Sko lightheartedly.
“A Keep yes, that would be awesome, I would be able to fit. Nellms can we put your superior brain to work,” I looked over at Nellms.
“If you're going for Old Style? Really, what parts of it would you use and what parts wouldn't you use?” Nellms contemplated for us.
“Some wide open spaces for meetings...” I started to voice.
“No, what is it's uses?” Nellms remarked.
“True, I was going to place it in the middle of Primton the City. Maybe a small but open space. Really I went with castles because of size,”
“You look to have a better idea of what you want than we do?” Nellms put forth.
“I was just getting up some ideas from you,”
“Sheesh, you're not going to offend me. So long as it's not too small for me,” Sidge told me.
“Yes that's right. I wasn't wanting to disclude dragons. That is sort of the reason I made it large in the first place,” I pointed out.
“Yes. You know what this place is? Why don't you just go get it?” Gibbens mewed.
“Okay, then if that's the way it should be. I will. You won't recognize this place at all next time you see it,” I finished.

Prolouge to Sky Prime


21 September 2019 at 17:34:59 MDT

I remember waking up to a blur of light and shapes around me. They started forming together into more uniform shapes until these shapes were walls. The colors started forming in with the blur of light, a sprinkle of colors. The shapes became cream colored walls of marble and porcelain. I looked up and behind me from my laying position and saw the walls just next to me and found I was at one end of the room of the slowly unblurring circular shape of it. I looked down and found I was on a similarly porcelain floor.

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