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I am as you can see a Jackalope. Part Antelope. Part Jackrabbit. No not antelope. I have no idea where these antlers came from. I was born with them. They have the usual problems any antlered creature has where they shed and break off. It looks horrific both on antlered creatures and jackalopes alike. They grow back, not to worry and it hurts like hell and throbs for a while after they break off.

We jackalopes like singing and usually will join in in any song. Our songs aren't really mesmerizing or any of that jazz. It's rather annoying to some and others, once they hear a tune hummed or sung that they know, get a smile on their face.

As far as me, personally, as I am not all stereotypical jackalope: I write stories. I could write stories for a living but do not want to deal with the hassle that comes with the business side of things. Still, if I was the last creature on earth, that is anthropomorphic or earth anyways, or I was on a deserted island, I'd write to keep my sanity. I take it way too seriously sometimes. Then again, I slack off on it other times.
I try my paw at cartoons but I am still learning and am an amateur so treat me accordingly.

I am here because. Well. What is here? Where am I? Oh this is a place for furries. I'm one of those. Furries just like to hug fuzzy things. I don't know about this liking anthropomorphic animal stuff and art. But seriously, have you ever heard a furry say they don't like to hug fuzzy things. Eh, or scalies or something like that, to be fair.

You might think this is a fairy tale but it is not. It has elements of a fairytale. Gryphons, dragons, fairies, and the sort. It has magic. Now in my day magic was very more commonplace. We were told this stuff as kids, you know, then we grew up and pretend not to believe in them.

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Repost: Taking a Break from Social Media

on 24 June 2021 at 17:53:08 MDT

I didn't get this post out to every account on postybirb since it had logged some of them out with the recent update.
I was also going to give a better explanation. I watched this and after I figured I was attention seeking.
I have self identified social anxiety and mild to moderate rejection sensitive dysphoria in myself as well as some other concerning similarities. Then could see that I was using twitter, furaffinity, etc. for this validation. I have identified it in the past.
I also have problems with self love. I couldn't even say why
Validation is where it gets worriesome. It is a subconscious deal with myself where I am here to find validation for doing the things that I do. One of the recommendations is to get out and to get different hobbies. I also have started to do stream of consciousness journaling again. However, I just played around drawing in much the same way in that I wasn't going to post it. Just sitting there drawing patterns and shapes it felt good. Then I tried to draw things and immediately was judgemental. No, this isn't how I want to have fun, feeling my stuff is inadequate. So I will take up painting. Not painting landscapes though although that's going to be something I'm fighting. With panting and such I am going to make it abstract and random and that way, I'll not bog myself down with the rules and have less fun. Since I work in the paint department at my factory job. I think painting at home as well will be a good destressor. At least I hope. But if I enjoy painting I'll get a french easel or tabletop easel. If it goes well I'll invest the 100 dollars into getting an air brush pump and air brushes. For now, I may get spray paint and if it isn't raining outside I'll just get a canvas and spray paint it. See how that goes. It also coincides with Legend of Mana's release today. I will still play games but will only play games I like. I'll eventually come back but carefully and likely I'll be doing digital painting and digital airbrushing. I should come back, though, because I do have my website and am paying for the domain name.
TLDR; I'm taking some time off for some self care and to get better in touch with myself and things I love to do. I'll be off of social media for an unknown amoutn of time because I get jealous with it and especially because I use it for validation with likes, comments, etc. and I use it to gauge my self worth and it has and hampers my ability to do creative stuff.

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