Personal Code

  1. I do whatever has the best consequences for me.

  2. I do whatever maximizes my own self interest.

  3. I act with self interest but others can act how they want.

  4. I strive to become stronger over the weaker in order to become fitter to survive.

  5. I may agree that I can act freely sometimes but other times things beyond my control force me to act.

  6. I may do what works practically rather than in theory or idea.

  7. I may agree to and do things in the way they are normally done or the normally agreed upon way to do something depending on where I am and what I am doing.

  8. I may think that ideas and theories are merely tools and that their actual usefullness matters more.

  9. I may believe that I have the freedom of choice of how I act.

  10. I may investigate someone or something and keep my decisions and beliefs reserved from changing.

  11. I tend to agree that the way someone acts is right or wrong depending on where someone or somepeople are coming from and that no one action is always better than another.

  12. I favor a full change in laws and government to that which promotes only individual self interest.

What I want and what I would do with what I want

-Make furtropolis - a thousand acre furry fandom center
-Make a mansion
-Get the best bed that can facilitate a better sleep.
-Ability to buy what I want (including lessons to use): sailboat, plane, yacht, any gaming system, any video game, best parts for a pc, whatever music I need or want, Buy whatever movies and videos I want,

-Get money to Gather together an have a team build video games


--Being able to get away with a lot within reason of course but have it generally not be limited if I wanted to do anything
-Having as much time as I need to do what I want meaning either no job or a job or career where I have the time to do what I wants

Be a well known Creative Writer with published works that everyone respects and comes to and loves me for it
Be able to draw so well that I get paid commissions regularly


Live long enough to get what I want
Get enough sleep where I am not tired consistantly.
Be able to not worry about budget when it comes to good or enough food.


Be loved and respected and feel wanted and appreciated for who I am as how I am, what I like, and do.
Be able to physical pursue my fetishes as most as I can with people that are into the fetishes.
Belly rubs in person in an adult nature
Getting stuffed by someone in person in an adult nature
Seeing someone naked in person in an adult nature
See inside someone's stomach (on cam) in an adult nature
See someone's belly in person in an adult nature
Seeing someone's boobs in person in an adult nature
Seeing someone's genitilia in person in an adult nature
Seeing someone's butt in person in an adult nature
Listen to someone's stomach digest in person (laying with my ear to the belly) in an adult nature
Roleplaying in person with someone especially that is interested in my fetishes
Roleplaying online with folks that I know and get along with that respect me and let me know that they want to have me around

Latest Journal

Weekly Update 2/4/2020

on 4 February 2020 at 00:53:11 MST

I am doing my hobbies one day at a time and rotating them. I got a lot of hobbies. This past weekend had me catching up on movies, shows, and videos. So far so good. I am adding beading back to my list of hobbies. I did it once, and it was spurred on by religious reasons as it is now. I was going to include candle and incense making but I don't have enough room for anymore hobbies. I think things are going steadily well otherwise, including Meditations. My hobbies were inclusive of drawing and creative writing, music, etc.

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