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Stand back! by Caraid

Stand back!


5 August 2017 at 13:31:25 MDT

Commission for valinye featuring her alicorn character Iridae and her robot buddy based on the Fallout universe's securitron! AKA Fabulous horse booty and RoBro.

One of the most unusual requests I've had haha, it was fun!

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    You did well with the positioning! The framing is nice also.

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    The shading is ultra-fabulous! And I love the setting and set-up of the characters. :)

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    I usually am not one to favorite My Little Pony related material
    But dang you did such a great job on that alicorn, along with all the other parts, of course

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      Not all Equines, let alone Alicorns are MLP related. They were a thing well before that show got popular.

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        Oh! For some reason I thought alicorn was a MLP only name. Because I remember being taught as a kid by my mom that they were called pegacorns and I just sort of took her to be the expert lol

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          I honestly never heard a term for them till I was much older myself, but that was still before the MLP thing exploded. They weren't really popular before the show came up. Probably because they weren't given a god complex prior

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            Hahaha, very true. They were my mother's favorite mythical creature, otherwise I wouldn't have known either

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    LOL, took a sec before I realized that's a bot from Fallout New Vegas. Shame they didn't bring them back in FO4. This is extremely beautiful, great work on it!