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Bulbasaur by CaptainTigglesworth



27 January 2014 at 18:30:05 MST

I find it only appropriate that I start the Pokemon challenge by drawing #001, Bulbasaur! It's more sketchy, but doing loose drawings like these are a lot more relaxing and I think I'll be able to finish drawings of every Pokemon a lot easier if I don't go ham on them. x) I may try doing some rough painting practice of a few as well.

Since it's transparent, and I don't own Pokemon (nor will I ever claim to) feel free to use this for things. All I ask is that you credit me for the art! You don't have to let me know if you use it, but it'd be nice. :P

P.S. Feel free to ask for me to send it to you for collection! Gotta share the Bulba-love. :3

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    It's adorable! Bulbasaur was my first starter back in the day...also a big reason why my favorite type became and remains Grass. Yes, I love flowers and I'm a guy. X3

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      I was always a Charmander guy myself, but I can't deny that all three gen 1 starters are pretty great!
      (There's nothing wrong with being a guy and liking flowers. Plushies are my biggest weakness. ;.; )

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        Haha, yeah...I'm gay, anyway, so maybe it goes with the territory. X3 Really, though, I also like Grass because of all of their status inflicting moves and self healing. I feel that in recent generations that special niche has been taken away from them...though I've yet to play through much of my copy of Y. Maybe they'll surprise me.