The Past! ( With Story ) by Capricorn92

The Past! ( With Story )


9 April 2014 at 09:12:30 MDT

My number 1 OC and my Fursona!

Name.: Discord L. Ashenhurst
Age.: Unknown
Sex.: Male
Species.: Unknown
Special abilities.: Changeling
Cildrens.: 1 own and 1 adoptees


The Past!

Elder - Ophelia (story-teller ).: I think I was 6 years old when the monsters have arrived. I was in the kitchen with my mom, when we heard screams from outside. Looters, killers infested our village, they didn’t spared even the youth and the elders. They killed everyone. The village is consisted of blood and fire. My Mother picked me up into her hand and we managed to escape from the village, but we didn’t expected that they will come after us. We went into the forest, but we couldn’t shake them off. As we came out of the forest a spear pierced through my mother's chest and we both fall to the ground.

Ophelia ( young).: Mom…
Beatrice ( mom ).: Ophelia… 'cough' Ruuun…
Ophelia ( young).: Mom… Please get up…

Elder - Ophelia (story-teller ).:They getting closer and closer. Is one of them took out his axe, and headed for my mother. He is stepped on her back and raised up the axe… at this moment I heard my mom last words.

Beatrice ( mom ).: Don’t forget Ophelia……Mom loves you….

Elder - Ophelia (story-teller ).: And with a sudden movement he cut off my mother head.

Ophelia ( young)*crying voice.: Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooom…….

Elder - Ophelia (story-teller ).: That feeling, that pain what I felt inside of me it was unbearable, he killed my mother before my eyes.

Ophelia ( young)*crying voice.: Why... Why is this happening to me… why…

Murder - Sergal.: hahaaaa… She’s the last one guys. Let’s kill her.

Ophelia ( young)*crying voice.: Someone……. please help…

Murder - Sergal.: Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Ophelia ( young).: AAAaaaaaaaaaaa…

Discord ( father ).: Opheliaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

Elder - Ophelia (story-teller ).: Somebody shout out my name, but from the fear I can’t opened my eyes. I heard shouts and screams of desperate agony… When everything was hushed I opened my eyes, what I saw simply indescribable. Blood everywhere and the marauding body parts layed on the ground. What can be do such a destruction?! And then stepped before me that something that creature... I was frozed at the sight! Slowly, he leaned toward me and offered me his hand ...

Discord ( father ).: You don’t need to be afraid.

Elder - Ophelia (story-teller ).: What I see after that, is absolutely surprised me. He wears the same symbol as me. Questions have been raised in me, how is this possible, who is he… but just one question hovered in front of me. What will happen with me, what will bring the future. He picked me up into his hand and went ahead.

Ophelia ( young).: Where we going?
Discord ( father ).: We're going home… going home Ophelia!

Elder - Ophelia (story-teller): Home. With this words he went ahead. Then he snapped his fingures and somekind of gate has opened. We left this world and never again came back. Until now.


Art & Ophelia, Discord © Me!
Sergal Species © Mick39

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