Comm - VernonCross by Capree

Comm - VernonCross


20 December 2015 at 14:58:26 MST

Commision for Vernoncross

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    So cool!! Looks badass +v+

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    Ahhh! It's my amun! ♡♡♡ she came out so awesomeeeee. Vern's way too good to me omg.

    Thank you so much for taking this on, capree. We are definitely going to have to get more art from you in the future.

    Would you mind sending this to my collections?

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      So glad you liked it! :D Just sent it in! c:

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    How.... how the heck would this even work? you DO know that bull pup designs need to have the trigger still close enough to grab on to when you put the stock in your shoulder right? You need to move the mag well and trigger set CLEAR back into the gun for it to even be holdable in any meaningful way.. Or just move the Trigger set behind the Mag so .. you know.. she doesn't need slenderman arms to use it.

    It's a shame really, the ..honestly terrible weapon design really puts a damper on an otherwise good picture. .. but maaan.. just.. no.. that Rifle design wouldn't work at all.

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      Hey there! dsjg My apologies, I just took the reference I was given and did a little research myself but I really have no idea how weapons work so I just made a mix from the original reference provided with another I found on the internet :'D I didnt changed it much at all, so Im surprised you think that way. But yeah orz

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        yeah, I get that, but your first hint on this should of been when her natural "holding gun" position does not match up at all with how she would have to actually hold it to use it.

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    Great work. I like the overal outfit and then that weapon o3o oh snap

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    fuq man this is so badass omfg. your humans (/humanlike critters) just keep getting better n better ahhHHHHHH

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    Oh wow that face is so nicely done! and I think, for this picture, the way she is holding the weapon works. I like to imagine she just picked it up while walking past a weapon table or something and she is getting the gun into position. Not quite ready to shoot, but she doesn't wanna drop the damn thing. It works across her body that way and how they are crossed. Nicely done!