Behind The Backs of Shadows by Capps (critique requested)

Behind the Backs of Shadows

A gentle breeze and a walk through nature;
the trees swayed softly casting gentle shadows,
with merry clouds and endless sky above
them. It was a day of the kind
that stirred souls; but still unmatched the beauty
of her. As she slowly walked behind

him, he was jealous that even the sun so kind
providing its gentle rays from above
could see perfection; could see such beauty
the very sun himself might leave behind
the moon and cast the world in permanent shadows
to take his love and disturb all that is nature.

This story: Man loves woman not only for beauty;
who loved her in a way so fierce; the kind
that could scare away the darkest shadows.
A story that could only be read in nature;
written on footprints in the sand behind
them as they walked. There were birds singing above

the tree he saw with such magnitude it gave shadows
that cooled the couple as they lay behind
the side of the stump covered with moss. He was the kind
to climb the tree and knowing he was above
the entire forest. It was his nature
to boast; proclaim such epic beauty

that is found only in true love. He bellowed from above
true sincerity’s proclamation made to nature;
“SHE IS MINE AND I AM HERS!” all cares behind
him. The woods resounding with truth’s beauty,
she gave him a smile that was justly so kind
that love was even made between their shadows.

He climbed down; she walked a few steps behind.
Lost but lead by the words of beauty.
She could not help but blush, though it was beside her nature;
a blush so beautiful you could hear sighs from the shadows,
and butterflies fluttered from above
to see the site that was one of a kind.

The site: True love; with more beauty than nature can provide.
A kind word murmured by the breeze above the clouds,
“They shall be forever happy.” they whispered behind the backs of shadows of doubt.

Behind The Backs of Shadows (critique requested)


26 October 2014 at 10:28:08 MDT

This is a sestina I wrote a long time ago and finally found again. I always thought this was one of my better poems.

Let me know what you think =3

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