Stuff of my basement. The statue by Capoman16

Stuff of my basement. The statue


26 May 2015 at 15:48:24 MDT

I just moved into a new house, is big for one person but is fine for me, looking around I noticed a strange door shape under the stairs, that was the door to the basement and I didn't know that the house has one, exploring the place I found a huge room full of stuff and I decided to see what are them.

the first one of them was a very antique table, looks good to be antique and I took it to upstairs and I cleaned it, I tried the drawers and opens fine but the big drawer looks smaller than it looks, closer inspection revealed a kind of secret compartment that opens a door behind the table, inside was a strange statue or something, but what it called attention was not only the form but what is made, in spite of apparently made of stone is some kind of dark gray crystal with purple decorations, also made of crystal. I decided to put it on the table as a decoration, I do not know why but I like it.

The next day I waked up with a shocking surprise, I was a hippo girl! (again) but luckily I found out that was the statue since shined and the the effect lasted for a couple of days once I returned the statue into the drawer. I wasn't full changed so I wonder what could happen if I didn't return the statue. oh well thing I will never know X3

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