A letter for mom by Capoman16

A letter for mom


17 March 2016 at 09:56:18 MDT

Rosty went to his parents house for the annual family reunion, which he hates because he treated like a waiter for the family, one of the task was to bring the mail and while Rosty looked at the letters he found one that was already open, he thought that somebody open it so he checked it and looks like there wasn't anything missing but Rosty noticed of a strange perfume from the letter, he sniffed that and smelled very nice, but then he felt strange while more of that perfume comes from the letter and without time to react his body grew big with a feminine shape, his hair grow as new and tight clothes appeared on his body, when Rosty reacted he was shocked to find out that he was turned into a milf and for her fear Rosty looks alot of her mother.
After to look at her body she takes the letter, was from a club called "Mom's club" where Rosty's mother was accepted as member, Rosty has no idea what to do to change back and the worst part is that her parents will be back from the mall any moment.

Rosty: looking at a mirror This is terrible, I look like my mom and I am stuck like this and... oh my, this is my butt? is not huge and sexy enough AGH! what I am saying?!

Rosty's mom: Rocko are you there? come here and help with the bags quickly, your father want to carry all of them on one trip!

Rosty: Rosty is shocked and can't move oh sh...

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