Overcharge by Capoman16



7 January 2016 at 16:33:04 MST

Thanks for the clothes, Max was capable to see a doctor about his condition and more important her growing pregnant belly, after a closer inspection and her story the doctor was very impressed, he knew that her condition was caused by the cursed clothes she was wearing but with the difference that Max actually can take off the clothes to change back, where normally is "glued" on the victim's body, and assumes that is because the nature of her body which is highly radioactive, a side note the constant growing of her pregnant belly is because the huge amount of energy accumulated on her body since the weird effect of the clothes prevents any leakage making to be content on her belly, to shrink her belly size Max just have to take off the clothes but the doctor said to her that the amount of energy is so high that just with taking off the dress the radiation level would be the same as the radiation level of an atomic bomb on the ground zero, since that Max tried to see a deserted place where she can release the energy of her body without harming anybody but the weight of her now huge belly doen't allows her to move, she hopes for the best as rests on her hideout on the sewer.

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