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Uploading 2


31 December 2015 at 15:25:56 MST

The glitch of my notebook strikes again and I thought that was fixed, anyway if you don't know what the glitch of my notebook is about is that sometimes when I upload a picture of one of my characters I start to turn into that character, the last time was Danna (Which the uploading stops on 50% so I had her bottom half for a few hours before change back) but this time is my character Vanessa Hippo which happened the same thing as Danna, while I was uploading the picture I was turning into Vanessa from the bottom, last time I managed to stop the upload by pressing the delete button many times but this time didn't work so desperate I hit the keyboard making the word "error" on the screen, the change stopped but my bottom half started to growing, so to stop that I forced to restart my notebook and it worked but now I am stuck again with the bottom half of Vanessa twice bigger than before, next time I will try to draw her butt more smaller... just "try".

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