The clown dress curse 3 by Capoman16

The clown dress curse 3


14 November 2015 at 15:37:14 MST

Continuation of :

During the months Laura wore the dress once per three day for a few hours but then she started to wear the dress once per day for all the day and later anytime she have but only at home, for some reason Laura was a little obsessed to wear that, almost like an addiction, she love look funny and happy, she even makes more jokes than before.

She found out that the dress has an amount of jokes she can do before the dress possess her completely, around 10, and she stops once she did 9 jokes and then she takes off the dress by don't laugh for a hour, is more hard than it looks, but one day she lost control of herself almost like is somebody controlling her, and she did 50 jokes on a round without noticing but when she did was too late. Her features are more exaggerated and looks silly, her lips are three times bigger than before as her hips, belly boobs and her makeup become more silly, no matter how she tried she can't speak, she only can laugh and makes jokes and even worse she barely can move because her huge pregnant belly, she is stuck on her room as tries to take off the dress without knowing that even she manages to take it off, she will still clown mother.

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