You're a Monster by cannonparty

You're a Monster


2 August 2016 at 12:39:47 MDT

"She's the one you should be afraid of!"

I love Steven Universe.

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    That whole sequence was probably the heaviest subject matter in the entire cartoon.

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      All the episodes (on googleplay because there's a couple out that's not on there yet) have been a joy. I want to make a Centipeedle thing as well. That was heavy, and using art as a communication device is a real thing people do for those suffering from war related PTSD. It just reminded me of when kids are drawing men with guns.

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        I hope Centipeedle gets healed... Monster Reunion was heart breaking.

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          Man, I doubt it'll be the last time we'll see her. I mean, PTSD is hard to overcome, but she's with a good support group. Unfortunately, from what I know about mental illness, while it's good to be around people you care about and love, it may not be healthy in the long run for them to be stuck in a "monster" state with no "normal" gem to try and help them through this.

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            Maybe Steven can jump into their minds and kiss them then. It might work.