Traveler by cannedtalent



30 January 2014 at 18:31:42 MST

'cover' for 14 page comic I did for my sequential storytelling class.
The rest of it can be found here (first half) and here (second half)

The class followed a model in a walk sequence, took photos, and were allowed to interpret the sequence as we liked.


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Visual / Traditional


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    What's your major, if I may ask?

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      Illustration =}

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        see I want to switch to illustration, but I'm afraid I won't be able to do storyboarding and comic work unless I do animation (for which I can't complete core animation classes because of my eyes; I have a tracking problem and a spatial disability). So I've been having this debate about whether to get a custom "storyboard' major or just go into illustration and save myself a big headache.

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          Huh! That's interesting because at my school the people interested in storyboarding and comics are all in illustration. Since Illustration stresses a foundation of drawing knowledge, comics and storyboarding are right at home... All the boarding/comic classes are in my department rather than entertainment arts =} I say go for it! (what school are you at?)

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            I'm at Daemen in Buffalo (technically Amherst) and they seem to think that since the animation major exists and they teach classes like storyboarding, scenery painting and intense emphasis on drawing, that I should be doing that to go into either field. :I That's mainly why I'm unsure. However, the illustration program could be just as intense. I haven't given it as much of a look.