[SDS] Sunroom by Canis-ferox

[SDS] Sunroom


8 September 2015 at 19:33:35 MDT

Sketch-a-Day-September Challenge 9/6/15
I recently moved and was enjoying one of my favorite things about the new house, this room. And then I found a pretty good app for drawing on photos! And drawing in general probably. So the initial drawing here and flat 50% gray blocking were done on a phone with a stylus! :D I was impressed with the amount of layers it let me use. Coloring and effects were added today in Photoshop. I didn't fix any anatomy so there's some definite issues there; I'm not totally used to drawing with a soft rounded rubber thing on a small screen haha. It was really fun though and it's neat to have a form of digital art on the go. And I kind of love combinations of drawing and photos when the drawing fits in well enough (and hopefully this one does!)
I kind of like this crop of it too, and it also shows the pre-photoshop look of the sketch: http://sta.sh/0izwrkd0vbj
That makes two sketches of Rook being lazy in a row, but I mean that's hardly out of character.

I forgot to put my name on all these agh. I'm not sure how good it writing would even look on this tbh though. But as always no reposting of course!

Day 5: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1095605/sds-9-5

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    This sun room and couch has been verified and tested by canines as comfortable. Approved.

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      Thankfully my actual dog hasn't decided to get on it yet, or it would be covered in dog fur : D

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    This looks great. Even though it's a sketch-type style, the character looks so integrated with the photo :)

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      Thank you! :D I didn't know how the style was going to work out at first, but some lighting/shading and color effects made a big difference~

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    This merle dog agrees with Rook. ( Must have an FA account to view. )