Geckos On A Spaceship [RMFC 2013] by CanineHybrid

Geckos On A Spaceship [RMFC 2013]


29 March 2015 at 22:23:00 MDT

A commission I just finished up for IanTheGecko of his character dressed as eleven being all timey-whimey and stuff :3

I have been wanting to do more Doctor Who fanart for forever, so I was quite excited to get this commission! But drawing that TARDIS? Took ages- that was the hardest part of all I think since everything needed to be perfectly in perspective. But that is still one sexy blue box right there, oh yes eyebrow waggle

Progress drawings on Tumblr here:

Ian © IanTheGecko
Art © 2013 CanineHybrid CanineHybrid
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